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Car Key Cutting with A-1 Locksmith

October 17, 2012

Car key cutting is something that you do not think about at all until you are in a situation where it becomes extremely necessary. As a specialized auto lockout service, car key cutting is not something that means just duplicating your car keys or making you new ones; it is in fact a very intricate … Read more

Transponder Key for Your Car’s Safety

October 15, 2012

A Transponder key and how it works has made the dream of many car owners come true.  It provides inbuilt anti theft system for all cars and make them more secure than ever. Working on the principle of radio waves transmission between the chip and the car’s ignition system, it allows car owners to start … Read more

A-1 Residential Locksmiths Do it All

October 12, 2012

 As residential locksmiths are aware of the specific needs of customers who predominantly demand highly sophisticated protection levels, our residential locksmith is always adequately prepared. Furthermore, our residential locksmith is professionally trained to provide you mental peace as far as your family, home, car and business premises are concerned. You can certainly call a residential … Read more

Locked Out of Honda Accord

July 13, 2012

Dallas Locksmith Gives Your Honda A Helping Hand! A-1 Dallas locksmith saves you time and money when it comes to you buying transponder keys for your Honda!

Replacement Transponder Keys (972) 284-7500

May 14, 2012

Our Automotive Locksmiths provides programming and replacement Transponder Keys for as low as $40 with on site service included. What Are Transponder Keys Transponder keys are factory-made accessories that come with a car and provide for radio transmission between the car and the key. Only keys programmed to a vehicle’s unique radio signal can start … Read more

Dallas Locksmith And Smart Drivers

January 16, 2012

Dallas Locksmiths and smart drivers are connected through the way they treat what’s been given to them!

Locksmith Scams on Google

July 13, 2011

How Locksmith scams work and what you can do to best avoid getting scammed. Here is the scenario, you are locked out of your car and need locksmith help. You grab your phone or find a computer and hop on the Internet looking for help. You click a few links, find what looks to be … Read more

Dallas Locksmith Offers Best Prices

April 22, 2011

Dallas locksmith A-1 Locksmith offers a wide variety of offers and some of those can be found on

Dallas Locksmith and Google

April 13, 2011

Dallas Locksmith have been classified as spam in Google’s eyes, but not all Dallas Locksmith are spam or illegal, in fact a lot are legitimate.

Dallas Locksmith and Ford

April 8, 2011

Dallas Locksmith companies are surprisingly less cheap than your local car dealership. In fact, it is safe to say that DFW Locksmiths give better quality keys!