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The Common Dallas Locksmith Combination Lock

November 15, 2010

The Common Dallas Locksmith Combination Lock, how can Dallas locksmith help?

Dallas Locksmith Tools for Automotive Lock-outs

A Dallas locksmith has the appropriate tools to safely unlock your car. Call a trusted Dallas Locksmith, such as A-1, to get you back on the road.

Mobile Locksmith Tools

November 14, 2010

Locksmith tools have keep up with a flexible industry. The locksmith industry has to be able to bend to the will of the public that it serves.

The Tools Of A Locksmith

Every profession has unique tools at their disposal to help them get their job done. This unique aspect to each is the overall thread that unites each human industry.

Locksmith Dallas Tx: A Look To The Future

November 13, 2010

The future is a topic that everybody, at one time or another, has had concerns about. For some it is a topic they look at from a quite positive angle, where they look forward to the challenges and possible new experiences that tomorrow might bring.

History of Locksmithing, part 2

More improved security over attractiveness was the focus of 18th century locksmithing. A British locksmith by the name of Robert Barron made the first REAL technological lock improvement since the ward projections of the ancient Romans. He developed a double-acting tumbler that was considered to be much above superiority of other locks

A Look Back At Ward Keys

November 12, 2010

Looking back on our history can bring up a great many interesting details. Recalling the details of human history, from our earliest foraging to the modern technological boom, can bring to light interesting patterns of behavior.

History of Locksmithing, part 1

Locksmiths are considered professionals who design and service locks and other hardware mechanisms. The actual term ‘locksmith’ refers to an individual who shapes metal into locks. It is rare for a locksmith to craft a lock today; however, the name still refers to any hardware-related professional. Licensed locksmiths, such as A-1Locksmith today in the United States must train through an apprenticeship and certification program through the Associated Locksmiths of America

Magnetic Locks: How Do They Work?

November 11, 2010

Technology is changing the world at a steady but sure pace. This has been the norm for almost as long as humans have relied on technology for everyday goods and services.

Forensic Locksmithing

What IS forensic locksmithing? Forensic locksmithing, or investigative locksmithing, is a relatively unknown field of investigative work; it provides a needed service to law enforcement, government agencies, and private companies.