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Fighting Back Against Locksmith Scams

October 29, 2010

There is a phrase that people tend to use that can say a great deal without saying a great deal: you take the good with the bad. Anyone who has been to school or work or had to deal with family issues knows this phrase is all too true.

DFW Locksmith Talks about Scams

The sinking economy isn’t the only obstacle for A-1Locksmith; what’s more challenging is that scam artists are stealing customers.

What are Bump Keys – How Do They Work?

October 28, 2010

Lock bumping, which is commonly known as ‘rapping’ or ‘key bumping’ is a technique that is supposed to be known only to locksmiths; however, burglars know this technique as well. This puts an individual, their family, AND their possessions in danger of robbery.

Locksmith Technology Takes On A New Frontier

Technological progress is a wonderful thing. We, as modern humans, are in this day and age enjoying the greatest standard of living that our kind has ever seen.

Clip Your Keys

October 27, 2010

College students have a million unique things to worry about every day. Exams, living arrangements, having enough money, conflicting schedules, making it to class on time, balancing studying and sleeping, and maintaining good grades are just a few of the many sources of stress for the average university undergraduate.

How to Watch for Locksmith Scams in the Dallas Area

Scams of all shapes and sizes are out there. Scam artists are out there to take advantage of people, especially in an emergency situation such as being locked out of your car. As a locksmith who has been in business for more than 60 years, A-1 Locksmith wants to warn consumers BEFORE they find themselves in a sticky situation with one of these scammers. It is the hope of A-1 Locksmith that consumers will contact them FIRST before being taken advantage of by these crooked companies.

Keyless Entry? What IS that?

October 26, 2010

You just bought a new car and have one those keyless entry remotes on your keychain. Since your purchase, you have probably been asking yourself a couple of questions:

A-1 Locksmith Gives You Peace of Mind


The word itself projects professionalism and security.

We brought you information previously in this blog about Key Bumping. A 1 Locksmith cares about you and has some suggestions for keeping yourself and your family safe when it comes to locksmiths.

Finding A Trustworthy Locksmith In Dallas

October 25, 2010

Story about a couple that is out and gets locked out of their car. A-1 Locksmith is reputable and reliable. They don’t overcharge you either!

Dallas Locksmith Does More Than You Might Think

A-1 Locksmith, which serves Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth and Arlington, TX residents, does more than help out when you’ve locked your keys in your car: they can help protect your valuables.