Browning PV1000 Pistol Vault

icon-securitySecurity: 2 bolts / 10 Gauge Steel

icon-capacitySize: 7.5″ x 14.5″ x 11″

Protect and easily access your pistol with the Browning PV1000 Pistol Safe.

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The word “robust” does not do the Browning Pistol Vault justice.

“Tough as nails” comes closer. “Bunker” even closer yet. Add one more word to this pistol vault: ‘roomy.”

Plenty of space for several pistols and important valuables too. How may of you come home and unload your carry pistol along with a pocket of change, your wallet and a pocket knife onto your dresser. Never again if you have a Browning Pistol Vault. Instantly your pistol and other valuables are in a safe, secure place.

The new Browning ProSteel Vaults offer twice the steel of other handgun storage solutions, making them one of the safest handgun storage solutions on the market. Additional features, like interior LED Lighting, a programmable four button key pad, and a spring assisted lid make them one of the most convenient as well.

Big security, small package.

New Browning ProSteel Pistol Vaults offer a distinct advantage over other pistol boxes. Featuring true, safe-like security in the form of heavy steel construction and solid s teel locking bolts, the Pis tol Vault is what other pistol boxes should be.

Browning Safes

Why choose a Browning ProSteel Pistol Vault?

If you demand more security than the competition provides, the Browning Pistol Vault is ready to deliver with features you’ll find in a full-siz e gun safe. An electronic lock and spring-loaded lid allow for rapid access to contents. The Pistol Vault is ideal in both the home and in an R V.

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 x 14.5 x 11 in


  • Two 1/2″ Locking Bolts
  • 10 Gauge Steel Body
  • Electronic 4-Button Touch Pad
  • External Electrical Contacts. If the batteries fail or the key is lost, the external electrical contacts power the touch pad
  • Manual Key Lock/Unlock
  • Foam Interior
  • LED Lighting illuminates the interior
  • Recessed Lid. Increases resistance to pry attack
  • Spring Loaded Lid
Dimensions 7.5 × 14.5 × 11 in

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