Liberty Lincoln 25

icon-fireFire Rating: 90 min. @ 1200 degree

icon-securitySecurity: 14 bolts / 11 Gauge Steel

icon-capacityCapacity: 24 guns, 25.7 cubic ft.

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Liberty’s Lincoln Series is BIGGER, STRONGER AND TOUGHER than ever before. Plus, Liberty is adding 24/7 SAFELERT monitoring FOR FREE on all Lincolns during our promotional period in 2014. Add that to the DX-90 MONSTER MECH, triple hardplates and durbable SURETIGHT HANDLE and helps resist prying, punching, drilling and torqueing and the Lincoln will be a thief’s worst nightmare.

When it comes to class, the Lincoln’s got it, including two prestigous awards from (North American Hunters and Preditor Extreme Gold Awards), ranking Lincoln the #1 series in America. The upgraded ball-bearing hardplate snaps drill bits. Auto on/off Interior lighting is added to all models for convenience in viewing valuables. Organize valuables with Liberty’s Premium Door Panel, plus new Jewelry Drawer included FREE. The Lincoln protects valuables from fire damage with four over three layers of fireboard for a industry leading 90 MINUTE FIRE rating. It’s no wonder the Lincoln survived the 2000 degree fires in San Diego.

Weight 735 lbs
Dimensions 60.6 x 30 x 28.5 in


  • Survivor of the San Diego wildfires
  • 90 MINUTES @ 1200°F for superior fire protection
  • 95,000 BTUs (9,000 more than the Franklin Series) and more fireboard than any of the competitors with similar ratings.
  • Exceptional fire & heat protection, including 4 layers of 5/8″ fireboard in the ceiling with another 3 layers in the walls, doorjambs and door
  • Palusol™ Heat Activated door seal up to 7 times its size in a fire, sealing out heat and smoke during a fire


  • DX-90 MONSTER MECH with patent-pending over-center cam technology. No side-punching here.
  • Awarded UL™ Residential Security Container burglary classification
  • Lincoln Series reliable Tough Door includes larger bolts (1.25″), longer bolt extension (33% longer), anti-pry tabs (defeat prying), and NEW over-center DX-90 MONSTER MECH to prevent side bolt punching.
  • Ball-bearing hardplate is added to protect the lock from drilling. We call it our “drill snapper!”
  • Defensive barrier of up to Sixteen 1.25″ diameter locking bolts fortify the door
  • UL Listed S&G™ Group II lock guards against lock manipulation


  • Factory installed CLEARVIEW INTERIOR LIGHTING with Auto on/off switch whenever you open the door
  • Liberty PREMIUM DOOR PANEL is upgraded with dual cool pockets (40 & 50 size models only) and new accent trim. Organize your valuables on the door and free up shelf space. Quick-draw holsters, zip pockets and Liberty’s exclusive Cool Pocket pouches keep papers and documents 50 degrees cooler than the rest of the safe during a fire. This addition makes the #1 selling safe that much better for fire protection.
  • Liberty’s Jewelry Drawer is added as a FREE UPGRADE to easily organize your valuables.
  • Classic designed 5-point SURETIGHT handle plated in polished black chrome, brass or chrome (depending upon the exterior color)
  • DEHUMIDIFIER included! Plug in with Liberty’s Easy Outlet Plug for quick–plug and go–electricity.
  • Rich pin-dot velour now on all models. Each safe is fully upholstered inside Liberty’s 4-in-1 Flex™ interior
  • Available in Liberty’s three popular sizes: 25, 35 and 50 models in a variety of multiple colors, including the ever-popular Marble Gloss colors
Weight 735 lbs
Dimensions 60.5 × 42 × 25 in
Liberty Lincoln Colors

Black Chrome with Burgunday Gloss / Beige Velour, Black Chrome with Burgundy Marble / Beige Velour, Black Chrome with Champagne Marble / Beige Velour, Black Chrome with Gray Marble / Silver Velour, Black Chrome with Green Gloss / Beige Velour, Black Chrome with Mirror Black / Silver Velour, Black Chrome with White Marble / Beige Velour, Brass with Burgundy Gloss / Beige Velour, Brass with Burgundy Marble / Beige Velour, Brass with Green Gloss / Beige Velour, Brass with Green Marble / Beige Velour, Brass with Mirror Black / Beige Velour, Chrome with Mirror Black / Silver Velour, Chrome with Textured Black / Silver Velour, Chrome with Textured Granite / Silver Velour

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