Liberty Lincoln 50

icon-fireFire Rating: 90 min. @ 1200 degree

icon-securitySecurity: 16 bolts / 11 Gauge Steel

icon-capacityCapacity: 41 guns, 28 cubic ft.

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The Liberty Lincoln 50 (LX50) features Automatic on/off Interior lighting for convenience in viewing valuables. Organize your valuables with Liberty’s Premium Door Panel, plus a new Jewelry Drawer included FREE. The Liberty Lincoln 50 (LX50) protects valuables from fire damage with four over three layers of fireboard for a industry leading 90 MINUTE FIRE rating.

Weight 1125 lbs
Dimensions 72.5 x 42 x 32 in


  • 90 MINUTES @ 1200°F for superior fire protection
  • 95,000 BTUs (12,000 more than the Franklin Series) and more fireboard than any of the competitors with similar ratings
  • Exceptional fire & heat protection, including 4 layers of 5/8″ fireboard in the ceiling with another 3 layers in the walls, doorjambs and door
  • Palusol™ Heat Activated door seal up to 7 times its size in a fire, sealing out heat and smoke during a fire


  • 16 Active Locking Bolts
  • DX-90 MONSTER MECH with patent-pending over-center cam technology. No side-punching here. VIEW MONSTER MECH VIDEO
  • Awarded UL™ Residential Security Container burglary classification
  • Lincoln Series reliable Tough Door includes larger bolts (1.25″), longer bolt extension (33% longer), anti-pry tabs (defeat prying), and NEW over-center DX-90 MONSTER MECH to prevent side bolt punching.
  • Ball-bearing hardplate is added to protect the lock from drilling. We call it our “drill snapper!”
  • Defensive barrier of up to Sixteen 1.25″ diameter locking bolts fortify the door
  • UL Listed S&G™ Group II lock guards against lock manipulation


  • Factory installed CLEARVIEW INTERIOR LIGHTING with Auto on/off switch whenever you open the door
  • Liberty PREMIUM DOOR PANEL is upgraded with 2 cool pockets and new accent trim. Organize your valuables on the door and free up shelf space. Quick-draw holsters, zip pockets and Liberty’s exclusive Cool Pocket pouches keep papers and documents 50 degrees cooler than the rest of the safe during a fire. This addition makes the #1 selling safe that much better for fire protection.
  • Liberty’s Jewelry Drawer is added as a FREE UPGRADE to easily organize your valuables.
  • Classic designed 5-point SURETIGHT handle plated in polished black chrome, brass or chrome (depending upon the exterior color)
  • DEHUMIDIFIER included! Plug in with Liberty’s Easy Outlet Plug for quick–plug and go–electricity.
  • Rich pin-dot velour now on all models. Each safe is fully upholstered inside Liberty’s 4-in-1 Flex™ interior
  • Available in Liberty’s three most popular sizes: Liberty Lincoln 25, Liberty Lincoln 35 and Liberty Lincoln 50 (LX50) models in a variety of multiple colors, including the ever-popular Marble Gloss colors
Weight 1150 lbs
Dimensions 72.5 × 42 × 32 in
Liberty Lincoln Colors

Black Chrome with Burgunday Gloss / Beige Velour, Black Chrome with Burgundy Marble / Beige Velour, Black Chrome with Champagne Marble / Beige Velour, Black Chrome with Gray Marble / Silver Velour, Black Chrome with Green Gloss / Beige Velour, Black Chrome with Mirror Black / Silver Velour, Black Chrome with White Marble / Beige Velour, Brass with Burgundy Gloss / Beige Velour, Brass with Burgundy Marble / Beige Velour, Brass with Green Gloss / Beige Velour, Brass with Green Marble / Beige Velour, Brass with Mirror Black / Beige Velour, Chrome with Mirror Black / Silver Velour, Chrome with Textured Black / Silver Velour, Chrome with Textured Granite / Silver Velour

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