Looking for a Security System for your Home or Business?

Survelliance Systems to Access Control We Do It All.

  • We Sell, Install & Maintain Security Cameras
  • We Work On Existing Burglar Alarms
  • Full Security Monitoring Services
  • We Sell, Install & Program Card Swipe Systems
  • Mobile Access Control Systems
  • Electronic & Automatic Locks
  • Keypads, Magnetic Locks & Key FOBs
  • On Site Security Surveys

Since 2006 A-1 Locksmith has been offering full security services including security monitoring through our sister company A-1 Security Group, becoming the third division of Joe East Enterprises. The original vision was to satisfy the growing need for electronic locking security and add to the Joe East Enterprise repertoire but the department has become much more over the last 6 years. A-1 Security Group currently provides sales, system design, cabling, networking, monitoring, and servicing of intrusion alarm products, CCTV and IP video systems, video intercom solutions, card access and biometric access systems, audit trail and people counting solutions, along with many other low voltage security solutions. We also recently added audio/video solutions while continuing to expand our catalog of low voltage security solutions.

The ultimate goal of A-1 Security Group is to provide “turnkey” solutions and help Joe East Enterprises offer customers a one-stop-shop for all their security needs, taking our already excellent commercial locksmith and security services to the next level. Together, our divisions continue to exceed expectations and push boundaries in mechanical hardware service, web-based security monitoring, electronic system integration, and customer service; all done through a single account representative.

We understand that in an ever-changing world with fluctuating economies, protecting what you’ve earned and managing your production is essential in any successful venture. It is our aim to provide sound security solutions, quality maintenance, and exceptional customer service while using the industries latest products and giving first class communication to our clients.

10 Retail Stores in DFW Ready to Serve You

Convenient Locations

At A-1 Locksmith Dallas we have 10 Retail Stores positioned all throughout DFW. Each store is staff with licensed locksmiths who can help you at the store.

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Mobile Service

Don't have time or can't come to us? No worries, we can send a locksmith to you and take care of your needs all from the back of one of our mobile service centers.

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A Sampling of Our Security Services

At A-1 we offer full list of security services to fit any budget. We can work with you to secure one door or a multi buildings across various states. Our expert staff are trained to really listen to your problems and present you with several solutions at varying price points so you can choose what works best for you. At A-1 Locksmith our goal is to provide you with untouchable customer service! Learn more about our security services at A1SecurityGroup.com.

Access Control

  • Full Proxy Card Systems
  • Biometric Systems & Locks
  • Digital Key Pad Locks
  • Video Intercom Systems

Survelliance Systems

  • HD Video Cameras
  • Night Vision & Motion Sensors
  • Motion Tracking Cameras
  • IP Video Recording Systems

Full Installs & Support

  • All Wiring & Installation
  • New or Exisitng Systems
  • Low Voltage Systems
  • Mobile Integration

Some of Our Happy Corporate Clients Include

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Our Mission: To secure our communities through dedicated service, product education and exceptional customer experiences. We will provide solutions to make life more convenient, and to protect anything our customers value.