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  • Bluetooth Wireless Locks

At A-1 Locksmith we can help you control access to a supply closet or an entire office complex with access control systems. Our access control systems range from electronic deadbolts with keys that are programed to open the lock at specific time ranges to full proxy card and access logging system. Our expert staff are trained to ask the right questions to assit you in identifying your needs and presenting the perfect system for you. These products offer top quality security without sacrifice.

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ASSA Abloy offers everything from simple access control to state of the art technology that can protect multiple offices across the globe.

BEST Access has been an industry leader for nearly 100 years. Their master key and interchangeable core systems offer affordable, highly scaleable access control at a price that may surprise you.

Mul-T-Lock® is a worldwide leader in researching, manufacturing and distributing access control systems of all kinds.

Not all access controls systems have to be expensive. Access Control by it's definition simply means to control access to areas that allow some users in while keeping others out. People have been using simple access control systems for years using the key and lock on their front door. Even though it is simple, technically this is access control.

True modern access control systems take that security to a deeper level. They allow some users access while preventing others access to an area. They can be as simple as digital key pad locks with mulitple combinations to electronic deadbolt with computer chips keys to full proxy card systems that log the user, time and date of entry.

The possibilities are nearly endless and the experts at A-1 know how to ask the right questions to recommend the perfect solution for you. There is no one product that ever fits every customer's needs. That is why at A-1 we make sure to identify what your real needs are, and then and only then, do we recommend a solution for you! That way you know you are getting exactly what you need to protect your property!

So stop by one of our stores today or give us a call. We are here to answer all your questions about access control systems so you can make sure you get exactly what you need and want!

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