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Did you purchase a new house and you’re worried that a stranger may still have a key that opens your front door? Maybe you have a rental tenant that skipped town and now you can’t get into your property. No matter if you need help with the locks on your home, rental property or business, we can help. And, the best part is that we have options to fit any need you may have!

If you need locks for your business, we offer high-security locks and master key systems beyond the locks you might use to protect your home to increase security.

Feel free to call us or stop by one of our 10 Local Retail Stores to get advice and see all the options you have for your new locks.

Two of Our Most Popular Options

Option #1: Rekey Your Existing Locks

If the mechanics of your locks are working just fine but you’re worried about someone still having a key to your property, A-1 can change your existing locks to work with a new key so any old copies will no longer function. This is called re-keying your locks and is a much more cost effective way to secure your property than replacing all your door hardware and locks. This is also a very popular option for our customers who need one key that opens all the locks on their property.

Option #2: Replace Existing Locks

While re-keying existing hardware is less expensive, sometimes old door locks offer less protection or are not aesthetically pleasing vs. more modern locks. Many of our customers prefer new locks to re-keying because they can get better hardware or have all the colors of their door hardware match a look they prefer. Whatever reason you may have for changing your lock hardware, we are here to help and all our locksmiths have stocked inventory in their mobile vans to take care of your needs.

Service Features Re-Key New Locks
? Warranty

Warranty Explained

Rekeys: Because rekeys are using existing old hardware our warranty policy will vary. Our standard warranty is 90 Days on all parts and service up to 180 days for some high security locks. In some rare cases older locks are in such bad shape that rekeys are possible, but not recommended. This is because the lock will break and no longer function due to other faulty parts inside. If this is the case, our locksmiths will always tell you upfront and recommend new hardware. We can still rekey the old lock if you choose, but in those paticular cases we cannot give a warranty on that lock.

New Locks: All new locks purchased at A-1 come with our Standard 1 Year Warranty that includes parts and labor. If the hardware you purchase has warranties that extend beyond our standard 1 Year, like a lifetime on parts for example, then we defer to the manufacturer’s policy.

90 Days Standard 1 Year
? Cost

Cost Explained

Rekeys: Rekeys are cheaper because they use your existing door hardware and locks. On a rekey our expert locksmiths take apart each lock cynlinder (where you insert your key) and repin it so that it works with new keys and old keys will no longer function.

New Locks: New locks are more expensive because you are completely replacing your door hardware and locks with brand new locks. While this option can be more expensive it isn’t as bad as you might think and you get all new matching hardware that often is more aesthetically pleasing than your old worn down hardware, as well as better security locks in most cases.

Less Cost More Cost
? Replace Old Keys

Replace Old Keys

Rekeys and New Locks: No matter what option you choose old keys can be made to no longer work in your locks. This gives you the piece of mind that your locks are doing what they are supposed to do, keeping out those you don’t want in!

? One Key for All Locks

One Key to Rule Them All!

Rekeys and New Locks: Either option you choose allows you to have one key that can open all your doors! We can also have certain keys open some doors but not others. You tell us what you want and we can make it happen!

? Uses Existing Hardware

Use Existing Hardware

Rekeys: With this option we use your existing door hardware and locks. This keeps your cost down because you don’t have to buy new locks or door handles, but it does mean that your door hardware will look and function just like it did before.

New Locks: With new locks and hardware we literally replace your old door knobs and locks with brand new replacements. This allows you to choose what your new door knob(s) and lock(s) look like, from color to style, as well as potentially improving the functional security of the lock.

? Upgrade Locks

Upgrade Locks

Rekeys: With this option we use your existing door hardware and locks. While this does keep your cost down, it does not allow the locks to be upgraded in any way. That means that low security locks will still have the same rating as before, they will simply work with a new key.

New Locks: When you choose to have A-1 install new locks, you choose the level of security in your new lock. This allows you to go from mid-level security locks to high security locks to unpickable and undrillable locks. This can take your standard lock and significantly upgrade your security!

? Door Hardware Matches

Matching Hardware

Rekeys: We cannot match hardware on rekeys since we are using existing hardware. How your hardware looks right now is how it will look when we leave.

New Locks: With new locks you can choose what you want your hardware to look like on each door. This allows you to create a consistent look and feel for your home or business while maintaining the security of your property.

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