Car Key Replacements- Why Are They So Expensive

Posted on December 3, 2013 by Jaece Hogue

Car Key Replacements- Why Were They Cheaper Back In The Day?

Back in the day when you lost your car keys getting a new one was never a big deal, you could just run up to the dealer and a few bucks later you’ve got your car key. Back then you never had to worry about breaking the bank or regretting getting your nails done or buying that new game system with the extra money you had. But before I go any further GET A DUPLICATE KEY NOW!

Why Has It Become So Expensive To Get A Car Key Replacement?

During the 1980’s car theft was on the rise and making a “dummy key” to your car didn’t take any expertise to make. But luckily in the mid to late 1990’s the Transponder Key came out and reproducing keys to vehicles became so much harder and took special programming equipment and experts to be able to make these keys. If your vehicle uses a transponder key and someone tried to take your car using a key without the chip it wouldn’t work. What a better way to stop a car thief from stealing your car with a car that won’t start!

Moral Of The Car Key Replacement Story.

So Yes it is way more expensive to get a key now compared to back in the day, could even possibly cost you and arm or a leg but think of it as part of an insurance policy. Would you rather pay more for a car key that helps prevent your car from getting stolen, or have your car stolen and the potential problems that come along with it? Believe me having your car stolen is one of the worst things that can happen to you! This whole situation kind of goes with the saying ” you get what you pay for” if you pay close to nothing for your car key replacement chances are it doesn’t take special equipment or experience to make it, if you pay more chances are a professional with special programming equipment has to make it which makes stealing your car nearly impossible. Remember you can always call a local, licensed, and bonded locksmith for better prices and mobile services than the dealership would give you!



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