Choosing the Right Commercial Door

Posted on April 1, 2022 by A-1

A door is a door, right? Not when it comes to security. This is especially true for commercial business owners who have to think about their property, their employees, their customers and their personal safety. Doors are how people enter your business, after all. You want to ensure the right people have the right access.

Let’s go over a few indicators that your door might need to be replaced and then cover the factors to consider in choosing your next commercial door.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Door

First, we’ll cover replacements/repairs before we move on to upgrade options and types of doors. If you’re unsure whether your commercial door needs to be replaced or repaired, check for any of the following warning signs:

  • Difficulty opening or closing the door (e.g. it gets stuck)
  • Signs of moisture by gaps or door windows
  • A draft or breeze coming from the gaps
  • Excessive damage (e.g. rot, large dents, cracks, etc.)

Choosing the Right Type of Door

Even if the doors in your facility are in good shape, they might not be the right type for your business needs. For starters, think about the door’s fire rating and other safety features. Would higher ratings make sense for your business? Next, think about the material the door is made from – aluminum, wood, glass and others are all options. Doors can also vary by function, so determine whether a revolving or sliding action would make sense. You have lots of options when it comes to commercial doors and consulting with a professional is a wise idea.

Don’t Forget About Extras

Make sure you also decide on any extras on or around the door. Lighting, for instance, can be overlooked. Proper lighting ensures the door is illuminated for easy access in the dark, as well as deterring potential criminals. Locks are another component you can upgrade, as there are smart locks, high-security locks and a variety of access options. (A master key system is a wise consideration here.) Other upgrades include push bars, panic hardware, top-jamb closers, voice/video screening and more, so make sure you know all the options available to you.

If you’re in need of commercial security solutions, A-1 Locksmith is here to help. Call (972) 284-7500 to discuss your needs today.

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