We Can Unlock Your Car Fast

Locked Your Keys in Your Car? Don't Worry, We Get That A Lot!

"I locked keys my in my car!" Believe it or not, this is the type of call a Dallas locksmith gets the most of every day. It's a very common thing for someone to need a trusted lock picking service or have locked keys in car, and most of us have done it at one point in time or another. The common advice to keep a wire hanger in your car doesn't really help a whole lot when the doors are locked and you can't get to the hanger!


Even if a friendly stranger offers you help, calling the a professional locksmith is a much better bet. The risk of scratching your paint or window simply isn’t worth it when you consider how fast, easy, and inexpensive it is to get a technician from our company to help you out.

We have locksmiths who travel around the Dallas Fort Worth area in mobile vans, and they can be at your location quickly. So if you find yourself in the “I locked my keys in my car” scenario and you were thinking that you’d have to wait hours for a locksmith – we would love prove you wrong!

We offer a flat rate to come unlock your vehicle and it includes all fees including labor and dispatch fees to come to you. It is a fraction of what you’d pay to fix the scratched paint or window tint on your car if a friendly stranger isn’t as good with that wire hanger as he thought he was!

A professional locksmith can have you back in your ride in just a few minutes after they arrive onsite. Remember that our employees do this all the time, and they will be much faster than an amateur at fishing around for the unlocking bar mechanism inside your door. If you need to be somewhere on time, you need one of our fast, friendly employees to help you out!

If you are in the Dallas Fort Worth area, you should keep our number in your phone, because you never know when you’ll have your next “locked keys in car” situation!

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