General Questions

We take cash, check, credit cards or money orders. If you are a business owner you can also apply for credit terms.
Yes we do! We take American Express, Discover Master Card and Visa. Our locksmiths are able to run all major credit cards on site at the time of service and email you a receipt immediately.
Yes! We have 10 Retail Locations throughout the DFW Metroplex staffed with licensed locksmiths ready to answer any questions you have and give you product demonstrations!
Sorry but not at this time! :( We are working on it so check back often or call one of our 10 Retail Stores to order products.
Great question! Joe East Enterprises is our parent company and our Better Business Bureau listing is under that name. We operate three major branches of Joe East Enterprises: A-1 Locksmith, A-1 Safes & A-1 Security Group. If you scroll down on our BBB page you will see these names listed under the DBA section. We know this is a little confusing but we had to follow the rules the BBB set for us! :)

Automotive Questions

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We do!
All we need from you is the year, make and model of your vehicle and we can give you a total price if you come to us or we if we come to you, and when we can program the key.
We can duplicate your existing keys at any of our retail locations or if you need us to we can send a locksmith to you to make a copy of your auto key.
We can easily make a new key for you, even if you lost your old one. All you will need to provide for us is the year, make and model and you will need to provide a photo ID and insurance for the vehicle.
We can easily send one of our professional locksmiths to you to program and cut your key saving you the time and money to have your vehicle towed. If you want to bring your vehicle to one of our retail locations to have a key made there then you would need to tow your car there if you had lost your keys. You tell us what you want and we will work with you.
It depends.
The time it takes will vary depending on your vehicle and if we are making a copy or making a brand new key from scratch. Other factors include what kind of car key you need. The best thing to do is call us and give your details to one of our representatives. If we know all the variables we should be able to give you an accurate time estimate.
Yes we can.
We are more than happy to cut and program your auto key even if you didn't buy it from us, but we cannot guarantee the key will work if it was not purchased from us. We use the same keys as auto makers that are made from high quality parts that virtually never fail, that is why we can guarantee the programming when you buy a key from us. Unfortunately if you buy a key somewhere else we cannot guarantee the quality of the key so our normal lifetime programming warranty is voided. We can still cut and program the key, but if it looses it's programming which happens with cheap third party keys then you would need to pay to have the key programmed again.

Commercial Business Questions

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We sell high security locks from a number of vendors. These locks are pick and drill resistant and keys cannot be duplicated by unauthorized personell. Learn more on our high security locks page.
You bet we can!
A-1 Locksmith is not only the largest locksmith in the DFW area, but we are one of the largest locksmiths in the United States! We have a network of locksmiths standing by that can service your business offices and retail centers no matter where they are located. You make one phone call and we take care of it all. Now you can know that you are always paying fair market price no matter where you business operates.
Yes we can.
Master key systems can become very complex so it is good to have a solid understand of your future needs when you are first planning your system. At A-1 we can come in and work with you on improving an existing system or to create a brand new master key chart to make sure your business and facility are truly secure!
We offer a wide and extensive variety of access control systems.
From electronic deadbolts to keep a supply closet secure to a company wide system that monitors traffic in and out of areas we can do it all!
Of course we do! :)
We sell, install and maintain security camera systems for business all over the United States.
Our locksmiths and staff are trained in ADA Compliance and can help you evaluate if your business needs to make any changes.

Residential Questions

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Yes we can!
We make copies of all types of keys from simple house keys to auto keys to high security keys.
You bet we can!
We can change your locks in a number of ways based on your budget and needs. Our two most popular options are either to rekey your existing locks which makes your old locks work with new keys, or we can install brand new hardware with new keys. You get to choose what works best for you based on your needs and desires. Learn more here.
We can install a security system in your home that protects you against burglers and other thieves as well as from fire. Our experienced technicians are all professionally trained, licensed, bonded and insured so your security system will be installed right.
Yes we do!
We specialize in security system for businesses but we can also monitor your home.
We sure do!
We have a variety of pick and drill resistant locks to keep the thieves out of your home.

Security Questions

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Yes We Do! We sell all kinds of security camera systems from the simple to motion activated night vision cameras. Our experts can speak with you and recommend the perfect security camera system for your home or business.
You better believe we can! We do it all the time. If you have something that ins't working with your current security system give one of our experts a call, chances are we can fix it for you fast!