Locked Out of Your Car In the Middle of Nowhere_ Here's What To Do.

Locked Out of Your Car In the Middle of Nowhere? Here’s What To Do.

Posted on September 18, 2019 by A-1

What’s the only thing worse than locking your keys in your car? Locking your keys in your car when you’re in the middle of nowhere, of course. In fact, this can be a nightmare scenario for some.

If this happens to you, you’re not alone. The AAA reports that millions of motorists still lock their keys in their car each year. But if it happens when you’re nowhere near a town, gas station or rest stop, it can cause a tremendous amount of panic… unless you’re prepared.

Let’s take a look at your options in situations like this and how a locksmith may be able to help.

Exploring Your Options

For starters, it’s important to determine whether the situation is an emergency. If there is a child, pet or other person locked in the car (or anyone outside of it is in danger), call 911. A call to the police shouldn’t be your first option if no one is in danger, but as a last resort, it can be helpful. Many police officers have the ability to unlock your car, or call a tow truck (which you’ll be paying for). Plus, a 911 call will go to the nearest dispatch center, which can give you peace of mind.

Your second option is to call a locksmith. Locksmith companies like A-1 Locksmith, for example, have a wide service area in Dallas-Fort Worth. So even if it seems like you’re in the middle of nowhere, a locksmith may still be able to reach you. Dallas-Fort Worth is quite large, you know.

Finally, a call to the dealership, a tow truck company or your insurance/roadside assistance company may be an option. This depends on your location, as well as the company’s guidelines.

What If There’s No Cell Service?

Of course, one of the biggest problems with being in the middle of nowhere is that there can be a lack of cell phone coverage. If you’re in an emergency situation and dial 911, however, you’ll be relieved to know that your cell phone will scan all networks (not just your own) and try to make a call. This will drain your battery and isn’t guaranteed to work, so try to get to the highest point possible before you make your call and turn off your phone until you get there, if necessary.

For situations where you can’t use your phone at all (e.g. the battery died), it’s important to keep an emergency kit on hand, preferably one with a safety whistle and/or flare. If you can attract someone’s attention, they may be able to help. Try not to leave your vehicle (assuming it’s in a safe location), unless you know you are in walkable distance of a location with a phone/person.

How a Locksmith Can Help

If the situation isn’t an emergency, a locksmith may be the best option. The best locksmiths are equipped with GPS-monitored vans, so you’ll know where exactly they are in proximity to your location by simply giving the company a call. These locksmiths also use GPS technology themselves so they can find you quickly, even if you’re outside of a town or city limit.

A locksmith, from a reputable company like A-1 Locksmith, will arrive promptly in a marked vehicle, wearing a marked uniform, and with the appropriate locksmithing tools. A-1 Locksmith has more than 30 technicians in the field each day and can potentially have someone to your location fast. At the very least, someone from our team can give you advice about the next steps you should take.

If you’ve been locked out of your car in the middle of nowhere, you don’t need to panic. Assuming no one is in danger, give A-1 Locksmith a call today at 972-284-7500 and we’ll help you out.

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