Frequently Asked Questions

What does A-1 Safes do during a safe install?

Our expert safe install staff is committed to customer service. Once we have received all of the information we need, found here, we prepare for the install with all the tools that we need to keep your house safe. We will put down materials to keep from damaging any type of floor the safe will pass over. We will move the safe up or down stairs to whichever room you need. We will move the into its final position, level the safe out, and then bolt it down. Once the safe is installed we will go over how to change the lock combination, code, or biometric scan. We will go over all features of the safe and then explain how to register your safe for warranty. For more information, watch the video below where one of our safe experts, Jason Ainsworth, explains how he makes sure the install goes perfect.

Why should I bolt my safe to the ground?

We recommend anchoring your safe for two main reasons. The first being stability. For this we typically use either 3/8″ or 1/2″ concrete bolts and go down into the foundation. The second reason is it helps resist burglary. Typically when someone is trying to break into a safe, they first knock it onto its back in order to take a crowbar to the door and use their entire weight to pry it open. When the safe is bolted down, it eliminates the possibility for the safe to be knocked over, thus making it near impossibly for a safe to be pried open. For more information, watch the video below where one of our safe experts explains why it is important to bolt your safe to the ground.

How can I get my house ready for an install?

Moving a safe into a home can be a difficult, depending on the size of the safe. In order to help with this process and protect your house, we ask that you first make sure the safe can fit through the house to the room where you would like it. We suggest that you cut a piece of cardboard to the dimensions of the safe and push it through your house, paying special attention to door openings and hallways. If it does not hit anything, than the safe will fit. The next step is to clear the path of any obstructions (kids toys, chairs, rugs, etc.). Before we deliver and install a safe for you, our safe experts will tell you all preparations to make sure the process goes smoothly.

What information is needed for A-1 Safes to install my new safe?

The first step is to fill out the form here. This will give us a starting point to work from. When the form is submitted it will send you an email detailing the other information that we will need so you can be prepared when we call you. To highlight these items, we will need to know:

  • Is your driveway long or short?
  • Is your driveway pavement, grass, dirt, or gravel?
  • What is the incline, if any, of the driveway?
  • If stairs need to be ascended/descended, how many steps are there?
  • Measurements of all doorways the safe must pass through
  • Measurements of the hallways the safe will pass through. We advise taking a piece of cardboard cut to the dimensions of the safe and pushing it through the path the safe will travel
  • What type of floors will we be rolling the safe over? Hardwood, ceramic tile, marble, carpet, stained concrete, porcelain tile, natural stone, laminated wood, etc.? (We need to be prepared to bring any materials to protect your floors from damage)

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