Should You Get a Keypad Lock for Your Home_

Should You Get a Keypad Lock for Your Home?

Posted on June 14, 2022 by A-1

When it comes to technology, people’s adoption rate varies. According to Pew Research, 28 percent of Americans are “strong” early adopters of technology, meaning they immediately feel comfortable trying it. The other 72 percent? They’re a little hesitant.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but there are several benefits to upgrading your home technology, from peace of mind to increased convenience. Specifically, a keypad lock might be a smart upgrade to consider. Let’s discuss why.

Keypad Locks Today

Keypad lock technology has improved drastically from decades ago, when these types of locks were mainly used to showcase how secure a room was in a movie. (That’s what we tell ourselves, anyway.) The earliest versions of keypad locks in the 1970s used recordable cards and could easily be exploited today.

Modern keypad locks, however, are not only attainable for the masses, but have expanded beyond commercial use. More and more homeowners are experiencing the peace of mind and other benefits that come with installing a keypad lock in their residences.

Benefits of Keypad Locks

Residents today are able to enjoy many of the same benefits business owners have enjoyed with keypad locks for years. For starters, they’re more affordable than they were in the past. There are also more manufacturers and models/types available arming you with choice. Some of the other benefits of keypad locks include:

  • Convenience: since there is no key needed.
  • Security: since there is no key and they have different hardware than standard locks.
  • Durability: since there isn’t friction caused by repeated use of a key.
  • Integration: with existing access control systems
  • Installation: just as easy as a traditional lock, if not easier..

Choosing the Right One

So, how do you find a keypad lock when they’ve historically been primarily used in a business setting? By visiting a professional locksmith. At A-1 Locksmith, for example, we’ve installed, repaired and replaced thousands of keypad locks in Dallas-Fort Worth. Our experienced, licensed technicians can meet with you to go over the options that fit your needs, from budget to security level. Whether you visit one of our stores or have us visit your house, we’re here for you.

If you’re interested in a keypad lock or other residential security upgrade, contact us at A-1 Locksmith today.

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