Solutions to 5 Common Auto Security Issues

Solutions to 5 Common Auto Security Issues

Posted on April 21, 2021 by A-1

Sometimes, a bad day can make it seem like everything is going wrong. Is it just you? Is there some sort of bad karma you’re making up? An evil deity with you in their crosshairs, perhaps? Issues can pop up in any area of our lives, but they’re especially frustrating when it affects the safety of our vehicle.

From a window that won’t roll up to a door handle that needs to be repaired, auto security issues can pop up at any time. Here are solutions for the most common ones.

1. Broken Lock

Your vehicle’s lock, handle and even door itself are all vulnerable to auto security issues. Your lock could break, either naturally, due to the weather or if you break off your key in the lock. The handle on your car can also fall off, or the door removed or damaged during a break-in. Regardless of the cause, a professional auto locksmith is likely your best bet here, as DIY car lock repairs can be hit or miss. 

2. Stuck Window

Window won’t roll up or down? This can leave your vehicle vulnerable to thieves, as your car is easily accessible when the windows aren’t secured properly. If the window won’t stay up, it could be as simple as replacing a part like the pivot bar or balance shoe. But if you’re not an expert and want to fix it quickly, a call to a locksmith is in order.

3. Lost Key

If your keys have been missing, damaged or stolen, you obviously can’t use them to get into your vehicle or start it. Losing a key in itself is a good excuse for having new keys made, as you don’t know who has access to your old keys. It’s a good idea to have a duplicate key made anyway, though, in case you lock your keys in your vehicle.

4. Malfunctioning Alarm

Your alarm is one of the components of your car most closely related to security. Your car alarm won’t do you any good if it won’t go off properly or is too sensitive. Solutions for this require expertise as well and can be as simple as replacing the battery, but can be as complex as repairing the wiring. Call an auto locksmith to fix this auto security issue, if you can.

5. Cyberattack

As technology increases and more and more vehicles adopt smart features, it increases the possibility of a cyberattack. Hackers can use WiFi access points and other technology to hack into your vehicle and steal sensitive information. This is a new area of concern for auto security, but you can do your part by regularly changing your password (both vehicle and WiFi), avoiding open WiFi connections in public and updating your vehicle software regularly.

If you’re experiencing auto security issues and are looking for solutions, give A-1 Locksmith a call today for a consultation—or stop by any of our Dallas-Fort Worth locations.

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