The Benefits of a Key Fob

Posted on February 22, 2013 by Jaece Hogue

key fobWhat’s a key fob? How does it work? Where can I get one? These are the questions we are going to focus majorly on a certain type of security mechanism called the key fob. We will look at how the key fob compares with other security devices and why you should consider getting a key fob for any place that you want to be secure.

As we had briefly mentioned, a key fob is a small security hardware device that has a built in authentication system. Think of a key fob as a computer which is specifically dedicated to ensuring that the right person goes through a certain entry. These are especially useful in places which have important devices such as server rooms or network rooms. Their working is basically electrical but a key fob will also depend on mechanical parts so that it can activate the place where you want to gain access into.

A key fob usually displays access codes which are randomly generated and they always maintain the security by periodically changing the access codes so that it will be difficult for someone to memorize them. This usually happens in about less than a minute. The user will always be forced to authenticate themselves on the fob with a Personal Identification Number and then followed by the display code that would have been displayed on the key fob at that time. This makes the key fob even more secure since the access codes will be a great way of first making sure that it’s a human being that is using the device and not any other thing.

A key fob has proved to be convenient in many scenarios especially in places where security is an issue such as an automobile or industrial site. If you are the type of person who keeps on forgetting keys then a key fob will suit you since you can use it remotely any time that you want to. The speed at which a key fob operates is also fast and thus it doesn’t have to keep you waiting. Despite all these reasons why a key fob would be suitable for your home, it also comes with some downsides. The first downside of a key fob is that you can easily set an alarm without wanting. Also, a key fob is usually small and thus very easy to lose.

All in all, a key fob is all that you need to keep a place secure and the interesting thing about a key fob is that you can find them in many places. Call A-1 Locksmith today to see how you can use a key fob for your car, home or business.

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