Why Professional Locksmith Associations Matter

Why Professional Locksmith Associations Matter

Posted on August 2, 2022 by A-1

Reviews and recommendations are some of the most important factors when it comes to online purchasing decisions. In fact, according to Inc., more than 84 percent of people trust online reviews as much as friends! 

The majority of online reviews are personal (and subjective), however. This begs the question: what do professional recommendations look like? There are organizations that track reviews and complaints, as well as articles and government-supported research.

But one of the best ways to get a professional recommendation is through an association membership. Members of professional locksmith associations in particular get to enjoy certain benefits, perks and, most importantly, the trusted reputation that comes with being a member.

In short, these associations matter. Let’s discuss why.

Benefits of Professional Locksmith Association Membership

Locksmith companies don’t just list the associations they partner with for show. These partners have real benefits and can be the deciding factor between one locksmith and another. Here are a few of the benefits of a professional locksmith association membership:

  • Professional development opportunities: to keep skills sharp via presentations, trade shows and so forth.
  • Technical resources: to better identify desired information and find security solutions.
  • Industry backing: members of these associations have met strict requirements and follow best practices of the industry.
  • Discounts and savings: which can potentially be passed on to customers.
  • Peace of mind: knowing you’re working with a legitimate, trustworthy company.

Professional Locksmith Association Membership Criteria

The criteria for membership with these associations varies depending on the specific organization, but in general, professional locksmiths have to meet criteria similar to the following to gain acceptance as a member:

  • Complete an official membership application
  • Be an adult and have experience for at least a certain time period (e.g. six months)
  • Have received approved educational or on-the-job locksmith training
  • Agree to pay membership dues and fees

There are also different tiers/levels for some associations, as well as bonus perks or recognition for being active members for a certain number of years.

The Most Trusted Professional Locksmith Associations

There are several associations in the industry that have earned the esteem of industry vets over time. These organizations have experience, knowledge and a proven track record of delivering results and finding solutions for customers. When a locksmith, or locksmith company, is a member of one or more of these associations, you can have more peace of mind about hiring them.

Here are the professional locksmith associations we partner with at A-1 Locksmith:

To learn more about these professional locksmith associations and how they benefit you as a customer, contact A-1 Locksmith today!

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