3 Situations When You Might Need an Emergency Locksmith

3 Situations When You Might Need an Emergency Locksmith

Posted on April 24, 2019 by A-1

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could predict the future? We wouldn’t be surprised by tire blowouts on the road, malfunctioning household appliances or large credit card purchases. We also wouldn’t lock ourselves out of our car or homes. Unfortunately, all of these things happen on occasion, and when they do, they’re unexpected. But that’s why there are emergency services — for emergency situations.

Take locksmiths, for example. Have you thought about when you might need the services of an emergency locksmith? That’s the topic we’ll explore in today’s blog post. Here are three real examples of when a situation might require an emergency locksmith — and how you can be prepared for them.

Situation #1: Locked Out of Your Car

If you’ve ever locked your keys in your car, you’re not alone. In fact, four million Americans lock their keys in their car annually. This can happen at home, on vacation or even during a trip to the grocery store. If the situation doesn’t require a 911 call (such as if a child or pet is in the vehicle), then an emergency locksmith should be your first option. Not only can an emergency locksmith unlock your car, they can replace lost keys and even repair broken locks and doors. Best of all, the best locksmith companies offer mobile locksmith services and can meet you where you are.

Situation #2: Locked Out of Your Home

While seven percent of people don’t lock their doors when they’re home, the rest of us do. Because of this, there’s a small chance that we might get locked out — whether it’s because we’re in a hurry, being absent-minded or because of an accident. If you don’t have a spare key hidden away (and again, the situation doesn’t require a 911 call), an emergency locksmith can help. Just make sure you can trust the locksmith you call to your home. A-1 Locksmith, for example, will send a licensed team member wearing an A-1 locksmith uniform and driving an A-1 marked vehicle. We’ll even provide an order confirmation along with the photo of the locksmith that will be arriving. You can never be too careful with home security!

Situation #3: Locked Out of Your Business

But what about your place of business? If you own a restaurant, small business or your own company, it’s possible that you might end up outside your doors and unable to get back in. Or, maybe you have a locked safe at your business and you can’t remember the combination or you lost the keys. Whatever the reason, an emergency locksmith can help you if you’re locked out of your business. A-1 Locksmith will even work with your insurance company so that you don’t have to pay for our services.

Of course, all of these situations could be avoided if you have a spare key handy. If you’re interested in one (or ever in need of an emergency locksmith in Dallas-Fort Worth), make sure you have the A-1 Locksmith number handy (972-284-7500) and give us a call!

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