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4 Places Where Fire-Rated Doors Are Recommended

Posted on April 7, 2022 by A-1

In 2019, there were 1.3 million fire incidents in the United States. This is about average for the past decade with these numbers being pretty consistent since 2010. Fire incidents have been slightly down since 2010, but it goes to show that fires are still a problem that can happen to any business (and business owner).

Fire-rated doors can mean the difference between safety and danger, between minimal damage and a complete loss. Where they’re placed, however, is as important as the door itself. Here are four of the most important locations in your business for fire-rated doors.

1. Stairwells / Elevators

Building codes usually require that the doors accessing stairwells and elevators must be fire rated. So you might already have these in your stairwells or elevators. These speed up evacuation time, help first responders reach more floors quickly and there are even features that mitigate the volume of smoke in these protected areas. Try to install fire-rated doors in all stairwells, at least, and consult with a safety/coding expert or professional locksmith for customized recommendations.

2. Garages

If you’re an automobile mechanic or your building has a garage for other purposes, a fire-rated door is a smart decision here. Since cars run on gas and have electrical components, automobile-related fire incidents happen often. A fire-rated garage door will slow the spread of fire and smoke and give building occupants extra time to escape. They also limit damage to the rest of the commercial building.

3. Hallways

If you’re the owner of a medical facility or healthcare-related building, it’s possible that you might be required to have fire-rated doors in your hallways. Again, this helps with evacuations and limiting damage in the event of an emergency. Installing doors with smoke ratings and other features can add another layer of protection for occupants.

4. Vulnerable Areas

Finally, the specific nature of your business might make fire-rated doors an investment worth considering. As mentioned above, hospitals are ideal for fire-rated doors because of their vulnerable occupants—many needing to evacuate will be sick or disabled. Other vulnerable groups include children and the elderly, so nursing homes, daycares and similar facilities are ideal for fire-rated doors. Again, consult with an expert and determine what security/safety issues you need to address – both by law and for added peace of mind.

If you’re interested in additional security tips for your business, contact A-1 Locksmith today for a comprehensive security and fire-safety inspection!

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