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Factors Involved in Locksmith Quotes/Estimates

Posted on April 13, 2022 by A-1

Products are usually straightforward when it comes to pricing. A product will cost a certain amount to make, is marked up by the seller and sold to a customer often with transparent pricing relatively uniform across vendors. Services, on the other hand? They’re a little more complex, as they vary depending on the situation and other factors.

Take locksmithing, for example. What all goes into a locksmith estimate? Let’s go over all of the areas typically involved in a locksmith quote.


Installing a state-of-the-art security system and replacing a lock are two very different services with different time commitments and levels of labor. As such, services tend to vary depending on the specific service and the amount of time and effort required from the locksmith. Many locksmiths will have standard rates for certain routine services.


Are you in the locksmith’s service area? You may have to pay a trip fee. Locksmiths set areas of service so they can reach clients quickly and don’t over commit themselves by serving more people than they can handle. This may be priced by mile, gas used or a flat fee.


How much time is the project going to take? Many people choose to do multiple locksmith services at the same time, which can be difficult to quote. That’s why many hours or labor quotes are often estimates instead of guarantees.

Side note: this is a good time to remind you to get quotes or estimates in writing!


If the locksmith needs to purchase any spare parts (or replace the entire element they’re working on), you’ll have to foot the bill. This shouldn’t be a huge surprise, as you would have had to pay for the part to fix the problem anyway (even if you didn’t hire the locksmith). 


Emergency services are usually higher cost than non-emergency services, as the locksmith has to respond quickly and take care of the situation as quickly as possible. Holidays and weekends are other times when there may be an extra fee for urgent services. 


Finally, different seasons are busier for locksmiths than others. Summer, the busiest time for moves and home renovations, is an example of this. The fee may be higher (or the locksmith may decline service) if the locksmith’s schedule is full. So plan your service accordingly.

At A-1 Locksmith we work on transparent pricing and are able to quote most jobs over the phone. Furthermore, you pay what we quote. We found that our customers love this level of communication and transparency opposed to the pricing ambiguity employed by many of our competitors. If you’re one of the ones that prefers more straightforward billing, contact A-1 Locksmith today!

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