4 Unexpected Places You Can Put a Home Safe

4 Unexpected Places You Can Put a Home Safe

Posted on July 21, 2023 by A-1

There are some no-brainer locations to store a safe in your home. Closets, back rooms and the garage are all common examples. The only problem? Thieves also know these popular places people put home safes

If you think outside the box, however, you can store a safe in an unexpected place.

While gun safes are large, and many home safes as well, you can at least slow down would-be thieves with these four unexpected places to put a home safe.

  1. In the Kitchen

For a place thieves likely won’t look, try the kitchen. Some people use old refrigerators, shelves or cabinets to hide valuables, but it’s not ideal to store valuables in these areas without any extra protection. Consider installing an actual safe in the kitchen instead. You can store it in the back of the pantry, behind a hidden door or under a cabinet. You probably can’t get away with a large safe in this area, but it’s a great unexpected spot for a small or medium safe.

  1. In the Stairs

You know that old saying of finding something “under your nose?” That’s what a safe in the stairs is like. You can hide valuables in a safe literally underneath where potential criminals are walking. Under the stairs is a great place for larger safes, but it’s a little more expected than other locations on this list. Actually inside the stair steps themselves is a more unexpected spot, though it’s ideal for the smallest of safes. For larger safes, you could 

  1. In a Vent

Wall safes are getting more advanced and versatile these days, as you can buy models that are well cloaked. You can also fit a safe behind a fake vent and it can be any size, since vents vary in sizing as well. Just don’t store valuables or a safe directly in a real air vent, as there’s a chance you could lose them or they could become damaged by cold or hot air. It’s also fairly simple to remove a vent screen with a simple screwdriver.

  1. In the Floor

Have you ever seen a movie where the actors find cash hidden in the floorboards? It’s more common than you might think. But, like the other suggestions on this list, we don’t recommend leaving valuables out in the open or stored in an area that isn’t a safe. For several other reasons, your items won’t be protected in case of a fire or explosion. But if you install a safe underground, your belongings will be both hidden and protected.

Now that you’ve reviewed these four unexpected places you can put a home safe, where would you place your safe? This list is far from exhaustive and one for which we’re certain safe owners can have some fun with. 

If you’re interested in a home safe purchase or installation, trust the team at A-1 Locksmith. Stop by one of our Dallas-Fort Worth locations or give us a call at 972-284-7500 to consult with a security expert today!


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