When To Call a Locksmith After a House Fire

When To Call a Locksmith After a House Fire

Posted on July 18, 2023 by A-1

A house fire can be a troubling experience. Most people only plan for the quickest ways to exit a house in case of a fire, and that’s obviously paramount. But have you thought about when you might need to call a locksmith after a house fire?

From checking or opening any safes to installing new security measures afterwards, here are some instances after a house fire when it makes sense to call a locksmith (after the fire department has deemed it safe to re-enter, of course).

To Retrieve Valuables

At A-1 Locksmith, we’ve encountered situations where our customers experienced a house fire and were unable to open the safes they had on the property. If you have a high-quality safe (like Liberty or Browning), it will likely stand up to intense fires, but you still might need help accessing it. When you have a house fire, a locksmith can determine if and when it’s safe to try and open the safe again, as well as help actually open it (if, say, the combination/keys were lost or the LED screen melted, for example).

To Access Your Property

Fires can damage door locks. When that happens, you need to either repair or replace the locks. But first, you have to actually gain access to the entry point where the lock was located. A locksmith can potentially open the door and take out the lock, even if you don’t have the key (or the key no longer fits). 

To Secure Your Property

Homes that have recently experienced a fire are vulnerable to looting and additional damage. A locksmith can assess the security of your home and recommend any necessary repairs or upgrades, from the door locks and window hardware to new security systems and keys. 

To Upgrade Your Security

Even if you don’t have any immediate needs, a professional locksmith can help you identify possible security upgrades to consider moving forward. Some solutions (like security systems) can even help you identify fires while they’re still small, reducing potential damage. Other examples of security upgrades include replacing old or outdated locks with smart or high-security locks and replacing burned keys with high-tech duplications. A locksmith can assess your situation and provide more specific examples on site. “When to call a locksmith after a house fire” might not be the first question to come to your mind in such an emergency situation, but a locksmith, in addition to your local emergency services, is an ally for you during these tough times.

For a locksmith you can trust in emergency situations like house fires, call A-1 Locksmith or visit any of our DFW-area locations today.

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