Why a Locksmith Should be a Property Manager’s Best Friend

Posted on June 6, 2017 by Jaece Hogue

As a property manager, you know the numerous details that are involved every time there is a change in tenants.  Deposits, exit walkthroughs, interviewing new tenants, making repairs or upgrades; the to do list can seem never ending.  Perhaps the most important tasks during these times involve securing the premises, both against vandalism and to ensure the safety of future tenants.

One of the most overlooked tools in the property manager’s arsenal during these times is a professional, reliable locksmith.  Having a locksmith on call, familiar with your portfolio of properties, can help ease the burden by taking one of the numerous responsibilities off your plate during tenant turnovers.  Ready to hear more?  Read on as we explain the numerous ways a locksmith can be a property manager’s best friend.

Not Just Changing the Locks

Sure, you may be thinking to yourself, the locks are going to need changing, but that doesn’t mean I can’t just hire someone out of the phone book when needed.  What you may not have considered is that when you go that route, you can end up costing yourself in time and consistency.  That random joe locksmith isn’t familiar with the specific locks installed on each of your properties.  They also don’t know ahead of time whether you have smart systems installed or how many of each piece of hardware they’ll need to get the job done right.  An experienced locksmith that is your on call specialist will know exactly what equipment to show up with to get the job done right every time.

Regular Security Upgrades

In addition to regular lock changes, an on-call locksmith can be an invaluable resource during maintenance and security upgrades.  Like the paint on the walls or the shingles on the roof, lock systems can grow old and become outdated.  Your locksmith partner will be familiar with each of the security protocols in place on your properties and can perform regularly scheduled inspections, looking for outdated, worn or inoperable components that need replacement.  A good property manager knows that a little bit of maintenance can save a lot of money in larger replacement or overhaul costs down the road.

Security Audits and Best Practices

Whether major corporations, retail lessors or residential renters, tenants are becoming increasingly educated in the importance of privacy and security.  As a property manager, you’ve seen the trends and heard the demands of your clients.  A professional, full-service locksmith, such as those at TX based A-1 Locksmiths, are independent certified and licensed by the state and are capable of performing full-service security audits of your entire operation.  A security audit becomes an invaluable, tangible, resource that can be used to negotiate preferable rates or assuage even the pickiest of tenants.

The Final Word

Sure, locksmiths are a dime a dozen and if you open up your local phone book the choices for “Good” “Better” and “Best” locksmiths will abound, all with unique slogans and promises of prompt service.  In the end though, having a relationship with a professional, experienced and reliable locksmith is worth much more than one individual service call.  An on-call locksmith company that you trust can be your ace in the hole, whether in need of a last minute service, or just to eliminate the worry about security from your portfolio turnover checklist.  If you are based in Texas and in need of such a partner, call A-1 Locksmiths to find out the numerous ways we can not only be your service professional, we can also be your partner in all things security.

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