Why a Realtor Should Have a Good Locksmith Reference2

Why a Realtor Should Have a Good Locksmith Reference

Posted on November 22, 2018 by A-1

Realtors are like the Swiss Army Knives of the real estate world. You have a different tool, reference or research source for a wide variety of situations. This is especially true for your new homeowner clients, as they can need assistance with everything from tax forms to lawn watering times.

Part of your toolset includes being able to refer your clients to the right people that can service their home. According to Brightwood Real Estate Education, building a network of connections is the second-most-important trait of a real estate agent, so having a good list of references is crucial if you want to experience success as a realtor.

While you may already have an appraiser or inspector you can depend on, have you thought about finding a go-to locksmith for your new homeowners? The right one can help with everything from lock rekeying/changes to arming your clients with pivotal home security advice.

Not convinced? Here are some reasons why a realtor should know a good locksmith, and what to look for in a good locksmith:

Benefits of Knowing a Good Locksmith Reference

Homeowners need a good locksmith for a variety of reasons. For starters, new homeowners may have to rekey the house when they move in. Then there are situations where the keys have been lost or locks are acting up. Finally, if a home has been broken into or your keys have been stolen (in your purse, car, etc.), rekeying is the smart thing to do. There are also situations where a homeowner may simply want to bolster their security system and add a keypad, smart lock or camera doorbell.

If you can provide a locksmith reference that not only meets their needs, but exceeds your client’s expectations, it will establish trust and lead to repeat business or positive referrals.

Things to Look for in a Good Locksmith Reference

So how do you know if a locksmith is good or not? Reviews are a good place to start, but they shouldn’t be the only criterion that dictates whether you refer them to your clients or not. There are several items to look for when it comes to a good locksmith reference; here are some of them:

  • Accreditation: Are they accredited by the BBB? What is their rating?
  • Reviews: Yelp reviews are one thing; official voting results are another. Have they been officially voted as a top locksmith by residents in the area you’re servicing?
  • Associations: Are they members of any professional associations?
  • Licenses: Are they licensed to operate in your area? Is it backed by the state?

If you’re a realtor, A-1 Locksmith can be the good locksmith reference your clients need. To see why we’ve been voted the #1 Dallas Locksmith three years in a row, contact us at (972) 284-7500 today.

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