Why Some Locksmith Companies Don’t Care if You have a Good Experience

Posted on September 22, 2017 by Jaece Hogue

Ever feel like a company you’ve hired just hasn’t gotten the message that the customer comes first?  Or maybe you’ve been left high-and-dry with shoddy service, poor communication or unexpected costs thrown into that final bill.  When it comes to locksmiths, these inconveniences and annoyances can also pose large security threats to you and your family.  At A-1 Locksmith, we have our customers’ safety in mind.  Whether you choose to use our service or that of a quality peer locksmith company, we’ve got the top reasons lower quality companies just don’t care about customer service or experience as well as helpful hints to make sure you’re partnering with a quality outfit for your own family’s or business’ security needs.

Beware Too Good to Be True Pricing and Promotions

One of the frequent tactics of lesser-quality locksmith companies will be to offer up an “unbelievable” or “one-time only” special pricing or promotion to lure customers in for a single service.  While these may seem like great deals to the unwary, in reality, these companies often offer up shoddy service with low-quality products that end up being not such a bargain in the long run.  As a one-off service, lesser-quality locksmith companies aren’t interested in earning the trust of repeat customers.  High frequency in volume and rapid turnover is the only concern for these cut-rate security companies.

While all companies will offer up sales from time to time, exercise judgment when replying to classified ad listings or television or billboard commercials advertising bottom-rate pricing.  Carefully review a company’s history and online rating and feel free to ask for referrals before entrusting your lock-and-security needs to an unknown provider.

A Crummy Company by Any Other Name

Another major reason some locksmith companies can continue doing business, despite poor quality service and reputation, has to do with the ability to rebrand.  If a locksmith hasn’t built years or generations of history, they will often find it easy to close up shop under one name and re-open under another, often overnight.  The unwary customer has no way of knowing that the new company remains identical in structure and poor business practices as the last and can find themselves in a quagmire when service or quality fails to meet expectations.

While researching a quality locksmith company, look for those that have an established reputation in the industry.  Independent ratings from the Better Business Bureau, accreditations from outside ratings or licensing services and a history of serving the community all paint the picture of stability and commitment to a quality customer experience that should come with a reliable locksmith outfit.  Even in newer companies, ask for the individual owners or service members history and run, don’t walk, away if they balk at sharing this essential information.

What You Should Be Looking for in a Quality Locksmith

Now that we’ve scared you straight when it comes to locksmith’s that don’t care about their customer satisfaction, we’re here to provide some reassurance that there are great companies out on the market that know how to get your security needs right.  At A-1 Locksmith, we maintain independent certifications of both our skills and business practices, ensuring a track record and letting our customers rest assured that their safety and happiness is our priority.  With a family background in serving the DFW area since 1949, the length and longevity of the A-1 brand can’t be beaten.

If you’re looking for a quality locksmith in Texas for a complete range of security needs, call A-1 today for a free quote and find out the difference a locksmith who cares about their customers can make.

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