Complexities of Finding a Trustworthy Locksmith Company in the Internet Age

Posted on May 30, 2017 by A-1

Ahhh the internet.  The place where you can find everything from a painter to help spruce up your foyer to a new favorite restaurant for shrimp lo-mein for Friday night takeout.  And while the consequences of a sloppy paint job or poor meal can be unpleasant (remind us to tell you about our all you can eat crawfish experience in Vegas that one year) thankfully they aren’t very long lasting and are easily cleaned up after.

Such is not the case when it comes to certain critical services, such as your home or businesses’ security and security monitoring system.  A security gap, missed alarm or malfunctioning lock can create a dangerous and risky situation, affecting your family, employees or livelihood.  While the picture may seem dire, all is not lost.  Keep reading for our top tips and tricks for finding a trustworthy locksmith company in the internet age.

The Problem with Hitting the Search Bar

While you may be tempted to hit the search bar to find your next Dallas area locksmith, as mentioned above this isn’t without its risks.  Previously a professional looking website was an indication of legitimate business and top-notch customer service.  Modern advancements in technology may have brought us shatter-proof phone screens and fridges with TV’s on them (yeah, that’s a thing) but it’s also made the process of designing and launching a professional looking website accessible to anyone with a credit card and an idea for a snazzy URL.

While many locksmith pages may look functional on the surface, additional research is needed into a company’s background and job history before signing up to entrust them with your personal and business security.  Be sure to look deeper into the website before you act.  Read the company’s about us page for clues as to how long they’ve been in business.  If you must rely on the internet alone, google the name of the business to determine whether any negative news articles pop up.  Don’t forget to call the business and ask a few questions directly.  If you don’t get ahold of someone willing to spend five minutes on the phone to earn your business its most likely not a company, you want to entrust with your safety.

Read the Reviews

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  We know we’ve been saying the internet is chalk full of lies and misinformation, but as it turns out this hub of data and easy access is also a great place for disgruntled customers to make their complaints known.  Try searching local, unbiased and unpaid review sites for the name of the locksmith you’re considering.  If you find a host of complaints about service or workmanship, or a lack of any information whatsoever, you should look elsewhere for your security needs.  While every business has a bad experience or two, the best and most reliable companies will show an overall track record of positive performance and a willingness to correct problems when they arise.

The Proof is in the Pudding…We Mean Licensing

While unscrupulous, fly-by-night operations may be able to capitalize on the free nature of creating visibility online, providing verifiable certifications and other safety and security credentials is a different story altogether.  The Better Business Bureau maintains independent and verifiable records of feedback for a variety of businesses, including local and national locksmith companies.  In addition, the State of Texas licenses locksmiths providing an extra level of certification and peace of mind knowing the person in charge of the security of your family or business is an expert in their field.

When in Doubt Call A-1

At A-1 Locksmith we’ve seen the pitfalls of using an inexperienced and unscrupulous Johnny-come-lately company in the past.  In fact, we’re often called in for repairs, replacements and upgrades when some aspect of the previously installed system fails or is found deficient.  If you’re looking for a quality Texas locksmith, look no further than A-1 Locksmith.  For generations, our family owned business has served our loyal customers garnering a host of positive reviews and endorsements and always vowing to make it right if our clients weren’t 100% satisfied.  In addition, each of our locksmiths on staff is fully licensed, providing assurance that the service you’ll receive will be providing by an expert in security.  Whether it’s security for your home or office, don’t take a chance with a random internet find.  Call A-1 and have the job done right the first time.

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