Top 5 ADA Compliance Checklist

Posted on May 24, 2017 by A-1

If you are a business owner, manager or otherwise responsible for the management and upkeep of a physical storefront, office or commercial property then you’ve probably spent considerable time stressing over ADA compliance issues.  The ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, is enforced by the United States Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division.  This legislation serves the important, and much needed, purpose of ensuring that all Americans have access to public, commercial and business spaces, regardless of any physical or other disabilities.

While the law is an integral part of ensuring equal access for all, like most things involving the U.S. Government, interpretation of the requirements and implementation of the same can cause a host of headaches, worries and planning issues for companies.  There is no substitute for contacting an expert in the ins-and-outs of ADA compliance for a full audit, but in the meantime, here’s a quick checklist of the top 5 ADA issues that you should be looking for in your company.

Ease of Access

At its very basic, the ADA is concerned with providing ease of physical access to those with a variety of disabilities or physical limitations.  Some of the key provisions of the ADA involve ramps, doorways and entrances to buildings.  If your company already provides wheelchair access, such as a ramp or elevator platform, this may not be enough to put you into compliance.  The ADA requires ramps to have certain grades, or angles, and has a variety of other detailed guidelines sure to trip up even the most diligent readers.

Stalls, Toilets and Bathrooms…Oh My

Another main are of ADA compliance has to do with a rarely talked about, but frequently used room in most buildings: the bathroom.  In order to accommodate wheelchairs or employees or visitors with walkers, canes or other assistance devices, there are a host of specific measurements for everything from toilet seat height to bathroom stall distance from walls.  Sinks, doors and faucets all have requirements as well.

Don’t Let Stairs Cause you to Stumble

The detail regarding bathrooms and ramps may have left you surprised, but stairs should be a no brainer when it comes to an area that needs to meet certain minimum requirements in order to be considered accessible.  Features here to watch for include width and height of individual stairs, height of handrails and stair material and grip.

Signage, Signage, Signage

In addition to all these pesky measurements, it turns out labels and signage are essential when it comes to ADA compliance.  From exit and entrance signs to signs that indicate whether or not a specific space is wheelchair accessible, there are a host of “must post this” requirements buried in the verbiage of the ADA rules.  Common issues to watch for here involve print size for the visually impaired.

Not Just a Brick and Mortar Issue

You may be reading this handy dandy reference article thinking your company is safe from any ADA type compliance issues because your business is done solely online, free of any of the typical concerns of a traditional brick and mortar company.  Unfortunately you’d be wrong.  While the final list of requirements, and compliance thereof, has been delayed, by 2018 websites that participate in e-commerce or that provide certain services will also be facing ADA compliance for vision, hearing or otherwise impaired individuals.

How to Make Your Company ADA Compliant

While you may be able to spend hours sorting through the various ADA requirements that apply to your particular company, your time is better served focusing on and growing your business.  If you’re in need of ADA compliance or certification, consider partnering with a company who deals with the issue day in and out.  An expert in ADA compliance audits, such as the professionals at TX based A-1 Locksmith, can apply their specialized knowledge and provide you with peace of mind that your liabilities are minimized when it comes to complex government regulation.  When it comes to all things safety and security, call A-1 for professional, secure and reliable service for your company.

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