Top 5 Security Gaps Most Companies Miss

Posted on May 18, 2017 by A-1

So you’ve got a lock, or two, or ten installed on your doors and windows.  Maybe you even have one of those fancy outside lights that only turns on when someone walks by, or, you know, a raccoon or other nocturnal critter is out for their evening stroll.  While these precautions certainly leave us nostalgic for other outdated but charming trends, such as high-tops, perms and mullets, when it comes to security we tend to prefer more modern and effective methods.  If you’re wondering if your security system is in need of an upgrade, or has more holes than a 90’s sci-fi desert critter movie, keep reading.  Here are the top 5 security gaps that we at A-1 Locksmith see most companies missing.

Deterrence is More Than a Sign

It’s said that the best security system is the one you end up never needing.  It only makes sense then that a crucial component of an effective security or monitoring plan involves a highly visible component capable of dissuading any would be thief.  Companies will often opt for security so discreet, you, or a would-be thief, wouldn’t even know it’s there.  Alarm monitoring signs are only the tip of the iceberg.  Consider making cameras visible and numerous throughout your business.

Who’s Watching When

Speaking of camera systems and prevention, the best security is only as good as the person monitoring the process.  While video recording will be great for identifying issues after the fact, live feeds to an internal security room or, better yet, an outsourced off-site security hub are crucial for real time loss prevention. Coupled with motion detection, this can be key.

An Ounce of Prevention

If you’re sensing a theme in our overlooked security areas, well, you’d be spot on!  Most companies overlook the fact that the real value of a security system comes from its ability to prevent loss.  A general overview of your current security measures and whether they’re designed with prevention via monitoring and deterrence is critical for real results.  Make sure that your security partner provides a big picture overview and has likeminded staff interested in protecting your business and bottom line.

Who has the Keys to the Castle

While all of the above is fine and dandy, the best security system in the world won’t amount to a hill of beans if your company is continuously handing out physical copies of keys and security passcodes to all of your employees.  Personnel turnover and lost or misplaced keys are just a few of the typical problems businesses can encounter.  Consider limiting the number of master keys to your business, those that can unlock all doors and spaces, and frequently change passwords when it comes to security system best practices. In short, be mindful of your access control.

Protect Your Biggest Asset

While your company may have expensive merchandise, valuable technology components and other tangible goods on site, every good business owner knows that their biggest asset is their

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