Top 5 Reasons Not to Price Shop Your Gun Safe

Posted on January 30, 2017 by Jaece Hogue

Whatever the purpose of your guns – for protection, hunting, collecting, shooting, etc. – ensuring that they’re stored properly and safely is important. Not only is proper storage key for gun maintenance, but it can also prevent the guns from being stolen, destroyed in an accident, getting into the wrong hands, or worse.


When choosing a gun safe, many consumers are tempted to choose the most basic and cheapest model. However, price shopping your gun safe isn’t always a smart decision, Here are five reasons not to price shop your gun safe:


  1. A Cheap Gun Safe May Not Have a High Fire Rating


While no one likes to think about it, fires do happen. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association reports that in 2014 alone, there were 1,298,000 fires reported in the U.S. While a cheap gun safe may save you some moolah, if your gun safe doesn’t have a high fire rating, things may go up in flames – literally.


  1. Cheap Safes, Cheap Locks


Another problem with cheap safes is that they very often are made with cheap locks. A cheap lock can be very problematic, especially in the event of a burglary. A cheap lock may also put your loved ones in danger, as kids can be very innocently curious.


  1. Safe Security Matters


A cheaper gun safe is likely made out of cheaper materials. While these safes may provide protection from any amateur burglar, a lightweight steel sheet (what most inexpensive safes are made of) can easily be breached with an axe or other tool. A more expensive safe will use heavier gauge steel, adding reinforcements.


  1. A Heavy Safe May Provide More Protection


You may think that having a safe than weighs more than you can lift is a downside, especially if its price tag shocks you. However, the heavier safe, the more likely it is to be made of stronger steel. Further, an ultra heavy safe can be nearly impossible to just haul away, reducing the risk of the safe being stolen.


  1. Size Matters


If the only thing that you’re consider is price, you may choose a safe that’s not big enough to house all of your guns, meaning that you’d have to turn to a basic lock cabinet for the others. The ability to store all of your guns in a central location is not only more convenient, but safer too. Plus, a large gun safe also provides room for storing other valuables, like jewelry, important documents, and more.


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