What Commercial Security Hardware Does Your Business Need

Posted on November 8, 2017 by Jaece Hogue

If you’re a commercial business owner, you’re probably aware that, when it comes to security needs, you have more on the line than the average consumer of locksmith services.  Business inventory, controlled entry systems and well-maintained emergency and regular exit door systems are all critical elements to maintaining compliant business practices and reducing overall liability.

With all that being said, as an owner or operator of a business you are also probably short on the time necessary to install, manage and maintain these much-needed systems on your own.  This is where the services of a quality locksmith, such as those available at A-1 Locksmith, can be beneficial whether in implementation or upkeep.  Here we break down some of the most common commercial security hardware solutions and how they can help secure your business interests.

The Critical Nature of Doors

Doors may be an afterthought to some business owners/managers, but whether catering to customers or allowing employees on site, doors are critical to a business’s day-to-day operations.  These entryways are also one of the biggest areas of vulnerability to commercial ventures.  Multiple users of doors and facilities necessitate the need for handing out keys, keycode and fobs, presenting a host of security risks with employee turnover.  Interchangeable core door locks are a commercial business owner’s dream solution to security, providing new, secure access with only a few minutes of installation into existing door hardware.

For external rear doors, all businesses can benefit from reliable, tried-and-true door hardware such as push bars for ease of exit.  With the ability to open with little effort, however, comes to necessity of security to ensure this easy access point for would-de intruders is shut.  This is where secure top-jamb closers that safely and reliably force open doors shut, come in handy.

Monitoring, Remote Access and More

Depending on the size and scope of your enterprise, your commercial business may also benefit from other advanced security systems and protocols.  Remote access gives business and property owners the benefit to arm, disarm or confirm the status of electronic security systems, all from the comforts of home or while on the go.  Other monitoring systems such as exterior or interior camera or monitoring can allow peace of mind that your property is protected and can also provide valuable back-up for employees in need of safety, security and accountability.

Speaking of technology, commercial safety has come a long way from your standard lock-and-key set.  Digital access codes with electronic locking mechanisms are a great way to monitor individual comings and goings and can also allow owners to quickly activate or deactivate individual codes, ensuring secure access to buildings and premises.  Asset tracking, biometric security systems, fire detection, intrusion monitoring and protection and more are all available in more advanced, easy to access systems than ever before, meaning that business owners can rest assured their physical inventory, property and employees are safe at all times.

Consult with a Qualified Locksmith

If your commercial property or business is in need of these services or if you’d like a no-cost consultation regarding the available options for your individual property needs, call A-1 Locksmith today.  Our experienced and professionally licensed locksmiths are experts in tailoring security solutions for a variety of clients.  With A-1 Locksmith, you’ll know that your business assets are always secure, allowing you to focus on the things that really matter such as growing your business enterprise.

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