Why Your Door Suddenly Stopped Latching

Why Your Door Suddenly Stopped Latching

Posted on April 8, 2021 by A-1

Being a homeowner is both fulfilling and frustrating. There are lots of perks when it comes to owning your own home, yes, but it can seem like something is always breaking, wearing down or going out of style. This applies to everything from appliances and plumbing to windows and doors. We’ll be focusing on the latter today.

Whether the door won’t stay closed or it won’t latch, door problems can be frustrating. Fortunately, a locksmith can help with everyday inconveniences like this and is often a better option than a handyman or general contractor. Let’s discuss why doors stop latching and what you can do about it.

Reasons Why Doors Stop Latching

Simply put, the reason a door won’t latch is because the latch isn’t aligned with the hole. Doors usually get out of alignment for two reasons: the foundation has shifted or the hinge on your door is sinking. Foundations shift due to weather-related incidents or the natural passage of time. Hinges sink when the door is too heavy or the door is pulling on the hinges for some reason. Either way, something needs to be fixed if you want your door to latch again.

Solutions for a Door That Won’t Latch

The best solution is to call a professional locksmith, but if you’re going to attempt a fix yourself, you have a few options. Here are some solutions for a door that won’t latch:

  • Tighten the screws to make sure the hinge is tight.
  • Remove one hinge screw and adjust the position until it’s correct. 
  • Reposition or replace the strike plate.
  • Replace the door or door frame entirely.

How a Locksmith Can Help

The most common solution for a door that won’t latch is to replace the strike plate. These can be complex and frustrating, however, so you might want to call a professional locksmith for help. Not only does a locksmith have experience replacing strike plates and repairing doors that won’t latch, but they can identify the cause of the problem quickly. If you attempt a DIY fix, it may take some time to diagnose the problem and you may make mistakes with strike plate placement or other elements of the repair. A locksmith can fix it right the first time, or point you in the right direction if locksmith services aren’t necessary.

If you have a door that suddenly stopped latching and are in need of assistance, give the A-1 Locksmith team a call today for a consultation.

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