Would Your Business Pass a Security Audit_

Would Your Business Pass a Security Audit?

Posted on December 20, 2022 by A-1

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Just ask any pastry chef how many recipes they went through before perfecting the final version of their favorite dessert! To identify areas of improvement, one must test.

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about baking or commercial security. For the latter, it can be difficult to tell what is adequate and what isn’t. In today’s article, we cover a few commonly overlooked areas in a typical security audit and how to determine whether your facility would pass a commercial security inspection or not.

Entry Points

First and foremost, make sure any entry and exit points are covered. This is where thieves will check first and they love it when you make things easy for them. Make sure all doors close and lock properly, but also check other elements of your doors are in working order, such as hinges, frames and even the door material itself. The solution that provides the most peace of mind for commercial businesses, however, is a master key system where you control access to every room in your facility (including who has control of what area). 


Next, something typically close to entry points: windows. Making sure your windows close and lock properly is another item that should be on your commercial security checklist, as well as checking the hinges and overall stability. Do all of your windows have screens? This is important whether the window is broken intentionally or not. There are other security upgrades you can place on your window, from commercial security systems with night visibility to motion tracking.

Storage Spaces

If your business has a warehouse, storage area, attic or basement, these are all areas that could attract criminals due to the fact they’re:

  • Typically out of sight or with poor lighting
  • Where the safe and valuables are commonly stored
  • In areas with minimal foot traffic and customers
  • Not well maintained and prone to excess wear/compromise

Basically, if there’s an area you don’t think about often (or at all), it’s a good idea to do a security check and make sure it isn’t the most vulnerable area of your facility.

Any Poorly Lit Area

Finally, do a sweep to make sure you have proper lighting, as any area in your commercial facility can be a security risk if it hides illegal activity. (Especially if said area is visible from the storefront or street.) Stairwells, clutter, boxes and anything that causes a shadow is a vulnerable area to check, as are bathrooms and any room with a public access point. At the end of the day, if you’re doing a regular audit or walkthrough, it will be easier to identify potential issues.

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