4 Ways to Make Your Garage Safer

4 Ways to Make Your Garage Safer

Posted on August 4, 2021 by A-1

Did you know that your garage door is one of the most vulnerable places in your home? We’ve covered how to make the door itself more secure on this blog in the past, but we’re only getting started. There’s a lot more to your garage than the door and it should all be secured.

If you’re looking for ways to make your garage safer, here are four areas to focus on:

  1. Lighting

First, make sure the garage has appropriate lighting. Thieves love hiding in the dark and when an access point to a home is poorly lit, it makes their ability to hide that much easier. Install appropriate lighting on the garage door, but also in the rest of the garage (especially near any other doors). 

A good route to take would be with motion-activated lighting, which will only go off when there is activity in or near the garage. Other lighting options that can beef up your garage security include flood lights and smart lighting.

  1. Cameras

Adding the ability to monitor your garage and record activity isn’t a bad idea, either. Many homeowners choose to put a spotlight camera above their garage so they have a good view of the garage entrance and the entrance to the home itself. Adding another camera inside the garage is a good choice as well. Since many video cameras these days are smartphone-compatible, you can check in on your garage at any time.

  1. Remote

Ask any security expert about leaving garage remotes on the visor of your vehicle and they’ll tell you it’s a bad idea. Thieves know you keep your garage remote there and can treat it basically like a free key to your home if a thief accesses your vehicle while it’s out. Instead, consider investing in a garage motor that is compatible with a smartphone app. That way, you can keep your garage access on your person and you remove a potentially vulnerable area of your home. Some cars offer built-in garage remotes and if your car has this feature we recommend ditching your traditional garage remote and using it. 

  1. Access

Finally, think about all the access points in the garage. Many homes have a side access door in the garage and nearly all have a home access door from the garage. The latter is especially important to secure, as it directly impacts your safety, so make sure your locks are installed and working properly. Additional options for beefing up your access security in your garage include lock rekeying, lock repair, lock replacement and more. Not sure what to do? A locksmith can give you advice.

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