5 Benefits of Safe Dehumidifiers

5 Benefits of Safe Dehumidifiers

Posted on September 28, 2021 by A-1

Home safes are rising in sales for a number of reasons including more people staying home and having heightened awareness on securing their valuables and firearms. Safes can be a significant investment, however, and often protect your most valuable physical belongings. You need to be sure that both your safe and its enclosed valuables are protected.

Dehumidifiers are a great way to avoid humidity’s harmful effects on metal items like firearms and precious metals while they are being stored in the safe. Let’s go over some of the biggest benefits of safe dehumidifiers and why you should consider investing in one.

  1. They Limit Dust and Humidity

Dust mites and other annoying tiny pests thrive in dark, damp environments. Things like furniture, carpet and (yes) safes are perfect places for them to grow and thrive… unless you have a dehumidifier. By keeping the air humidity low, it limits dust mites since they enjoy air that has a moisture content.

  1. They Better Protect Valuable Items

Just because you put a valuable item in a safe doesn’t mean it will be protected. Certain items (especially paper products) can get warped and damaged due to improper humidity control. By drying out the air with a dehumidifier, it eliminates moisture and prevents damage to valuable items like:

  • Sports cards and comics
  • Books, posters and stamps
  • Precious family photos
  • Fancy silverware
  • Money!
  1. They’re Ideal for Electronics and Firearms

If you’re storing any type of electronic, firearm or metal item that can rust, you need a safe dehumidifier. When rust develops on electronics, it can damage or destroy them, which isn’t fun if it’s a particularly high-dollar piece of equipment. Even temporarily storing electronics in a safe for a short vacation can result in damage if the humidity within the safe is too high. 

And the same goes for firearms, which, most, are primarily made of metal that can rust. You don’t want to mess with the structural integrity of a firearm.

  1. They Improve Air Quality and Reduce Allergens

Mold and mildew are additional culprits for allergens (in addition to the above-mentioned dust mites). Dehumidifiers create an environment that isn’t ideal for mold and mildew development, which will reduce the number of allergens present. 

  1. They’re Portable and Easily Moved

Unlike some bulky and heavy safes, dehumidifiers are much easier to move. So if you’re traveling to a location with a safe or you’re taking a smaller safe with you on vacation, you can protect the valuables in your safe and easily transport it as needed.

If you’re interested in a home safe or safe dehumidifier advice, contact us today or check out our online A-1 Locksmith shop to find out which safe is right for you.

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