4 Benefits of Wireless Intercoms

4 Benefits of Wireless Intercoms

Posted on October 13, 2021 by A-1

Wires are becoming more and more obsolete with each passing day. Many of today’s phones have moved away from the wired headphone jack, which was only met with fleeting controversy. Even technology such as building security is depending more on wireless solutions and securing access points is no exception. This transition to a wireless future makes sense, as wireless intercoms deliver both convenience and security at an affordable price point.

How, exactly? Let’s go over four of the biggest benefits of wireless intercom systems.

  1. Remote Access

Whether you choose a voice intercom system or video intercom system, these devices give you remote access to areas of your business that didn’t previously have it. From the main entryway and side doors to closets and other access points, wireless intercoms can help you visually monitor critical entry points and control vulnerable spots in your building. On vacation and wanting peace of mind about your business? A wireless intercom with the right technology empowers you with this level of access control and monitoring remotely.

  1. Extra Security and Flexibility

You also gain extra security in areas of your business that didn’t have it. Perhaps there’s an area with a door that protects high-value stock/inventory in a small space. Maybe you don’t have space or the budget for a full-blown security camera or system, but you might have room for a wireless intercom. Their space-saving design and flexibility is part of what makes wireless intercoms so appealing.

  1. More Convenience

As hinted at above, wireless intercoms add more convenience to your life as a business owner. You no longer need to physically be on premise to open up a specific door; instead you can access and interact with the intercom system remotely. If you have an employee you trust with control over the intercom system, it adds even more convenience of allowing your employee to work as autonomously as you would like them to. Types and features of wireless intercoms vary, so choose according to your needs.

  1. Advanced Technology

Finally, wireless intercoms are an inexpensive way to upgrade the technology of your business. Traditional locks and keys are trustworthy, but security solutions with advanced technology can take your building’s security (and your peace of mind) to another level. Many would-be thieves have been deterred by seeing a wireless intercom or other state-of-the-art security solution as it can quickly rule your business out from being a crime of convenience or the easiest mark for a prospective criminal.

If you’re a business owner in need of wireless video and voice intercom systems, contact us or stop by any of our DFW-area locations today.

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