5 Situations in Which You Should Rekey or Replace Your Home or Business Locks

Posted on January 5, 2016 by A-1

Rekeying or replacing the locks to your home or business may truly seem like an unnecessary hassle except for in the most extreme of circumstances. And, in fact, many home or business owners may proceed through their entire lives without ever needing to do this.

There are, however, a number of situations in which all business or homeowners should immediately call a locksmith to have their locks rekeyed or replaced. If you find yourself facing any of these issues, we invite you to contact the professionals at A-1 Locksmith today for immediate help.

  1. Lost Keys

Perhaps the most obvious reason to replace or rekey locks is if you or another key-holder lost their set of keys. Losing a set of keys means that the finder could eventually have unfettered access to your home or business day or night; this is certainly a valid reason to change the locks.

  1. Divorce

While rekeying or replacing locks may be far from your mind during or after a divorce, it should, in reality, be a top consideration. While you may trust and even occasionally rely on your ex-spouse in the aftermath, allowing him or her to continually have access to your home or business could be problematic if he or she chooses to enter.

  1. Moving into a New Home or Business

After moving into a new home or business location, there are so many issues to keep track of. However, before letting too much time elapse, make sure to have the locks replaced or rekeyed. This will ensure that any former tenants or owners no longer are able to visit the house or commercial building without your permission.

  1. After Roommates or Employees Leave

Many business owners will give a set of keys to their employees; and all landlords will give keys to their tenants. As such, it is always smart to rekey or replace the locks when either roommates/tenants or employees leave. While they may give back the set you provided them, it’s virtually impossible for you to know if they made copies at some point in time in the past.

  1. If You Don’t Get Them Back from Neighbors, Repairmen, or Others

In order to get access to our homes or buildings, many repair workers or other maintenance personnel may ask for keys to have access to the building whenever they need. And, often, as homeowners, we may give a set of keys to our neighbors to check on our plants when we leave.

In this situation, if you don’t receive all of these keys back, you should immediately rekey or replace the locks. While you may trust your neighbors and the visiting maintenance personnel, allowing extra keys to exist without your control only puts you at risk.

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