6 DIY Lock-Picking Methods to Avoid

6 DIY Lock-Picking Methods to Avoid

Posted on March 17, 2021 by A-1

There are two main reasons why “DIY” sounds appealing to most of us: cost savings and a sense of accomplishment. If you’ve ever tried to recreate a cake you saw on Pinterest, however, you know that this can often be more difficult than it seems.

If you’ve locked yourself out of your home or car, in particular, you may have attempted to pick the lock yourself. Unfortunately, this DIY approach can damage or destroy the lock (or window seal if you’ve considered other methods). Let’s cover a few methods you’ll find on the internet that you shouldn’t try—and then discuss why it’s better to call a professional locksmith instead.

1. Drilling

You may not carry around a drill at all times, but if you’re tempted to borrow one from the neighbor or you’ve locked an interior door in your home, this is a DIY method you might consider. We’d advise against it, however, as you’re pretty much guaranteed to destroy the lock.

2. Snapping

Similarly, you may be tempted to snap the lock. Or, you could snap off the tool you’re using in the lock mechanism. Either form of snapping can damage the lock or render it unusable.

3. Duplicating

This is a little different than the other methods on this list, but hear us out. You may think that duplicating a key and storing it in a hidden area (or keeping it with a friend or family member) is a good idea to prevent locking yourself out—and you’d be right! But be wary about duplicating your key at a kiosk at a big-box retailer or with an unlicensed locksmith. Your key information is vulnerable this way and you can’t guarantee the key will work when you need it most. Choose a professional locksmith for key duplication instead.

4. Bumping

A method preferred by thieves, bumping a lock is when you use a screwdriver and manipulator to bump the pins in the lock cylinder into alignment above the shear line. You might catch the attention of curious onlookers this way and there’s also the risk of snapping a tool off in the lock. There’s also a high risk of damage as well.

5. Picking

We’re talking about lockpicking kits here. You can buy a kit to pick locks on Amazon and other websites, but these are often made with low-quality materials that will break easily. They’ll also cost you more than other DIY methods on this list.

6. Destroying

You may be frustrated and tempted to just destroy a window or door to gain access, but that’s also not a wise decision. You risk serious injury and will incur more expenses than if you simply called a professional locksmith to handle it.

When it comes to your locks, trust the professionals. Give the A-1 Locksmith team a call today at (972) 284-7500 if you have any questions.

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