A Look at Exit Devices and Their Importance for Your Business

A Look at Exit Devices and Their Importance for Your Business

Posted on December 11, 2018 by Jaece Hogue

Several things in life require an exit strategy. For example, when you get into a conversation with a stranger at a party and quickly realize they’re the most boring person in the world, it’s helpful to have someone “unexpectedly” call your phone and get you out of it.

Similarly— but on a more serious note — the people in your business’ building need an easy way to get outside quickly during emergencies. That’s where an exit device steps in.

What Are Exit Devices?

Also known as push bars, touch bars or panic bars, exit devices are extremely important for unexpected situations. You’ve likely seen them at sporting venues, schools and other areas with lots of foot traffic. But did you know they’re important for even small businesses as well? These devices, which are mounted on the side of the door and allow for an easy exit once they’re depressed or pushed, have several benefits for any type of commercial business.

Benefits of Exit Devices

Exit devices do more than just allow you to exit the building. Here are three other benefits:

  • They’re efficient: One of the biggest benefits of exit devices is that they increase the safety of your building in emergency situations. Whether it’s a fire, flood or security issue, exit devices allow the people in the building to efficiently leave with just the push of a spring-loaded bar.
  • They’re safe: Exit devices don’t just let people get out of the building easily; they can prevent unauthorized people from entering the building as well. Furthermore, you can fit them with an alarm to avoid any instances of unauthorized entry.
  • They’re practical: Not only are exit devices affordable, but they’re also a potential way to save money on your insurance rates. Ask your insurance provider if exit devices will give you any discounts.

Why Hire a Locksmith to Install Exit Devices

When you combine the invaluable benefits of exit devices with their low cost, it’s easy to see why they make sense for most businesses. They’re efficient, effective and even required for some building types. Because they’re so important, it’s equally as crucial to get them installed by a qualified locksmith who has the experience and professionalism required to install them properly the first time. A-1 Locksmith has been providing locksmith and security services since 1949 and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so you can trust us with your exit device needs.

Exit devices are extremely important for your business. To go over your options and choose an exit device that’s right for you, visit any of our 10 Dallas-Fort Worth-area locations today.

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