Why Are Push Bars So Important for Commercial Security_

Why Are Push Bars So Important for Commercial Security?

Posted on November 14, 2018 by A-1

Crash bars. Panic devices. Push bars. Touch bars. Whatever you call this type of door opening mechanism, you’ve likely seen it before in a variety of settings. After all, many commercial building codes — such as The Life Safety Code (NFPA 101) and the International Building Code (IBC) — require them to be installed, depending on the building type and location.

Because of this, push bars are one of the most popular commercial door lock types around today. While they’re often required for their benefits in emergency situations, they have several other advantages over traditional door opening mechanisms when it comes to commercial security.

How Push Bars Make Your Building Safer

The Victoria Hall disaster in England left 183 children dead in 1883. Twenty-five years later, in 1905, 172 students died in the Collinwood school fire. Ever since these two events — which were worsened by children unable to exit a building — there’s been a highlighted need for easy-to-exit doorways in emergency situations. This is why most countries have had building codes since the end of the 20th century and why the panic bolt that inspired push bars was first invented back in 1892.

Today, push bars make buildings safer by allowing people to exit a building by simply depressing a bar that activates a mechanism for unlatching the door. Occupants in buildings with push bars can quickly leave the building since the bars are typically spring-loaded and swing in the direction of an exit. Casualties for many modern disasters have been lessened because of devices like push bars.

How Push Bars Make Your Building More Secure

Push bars aren’t just for safety, however. They also increase your commercial building’s security level. Many are designed so that they aren’t easily accessed from the exit side of the door. You can set up push bars so they’re already recessed and ready for use during business hours, but back in their original position when your building is closed. Because of this, many insurance companies even offer discounts for buildings with push bars or panic bars installed.

Other Benefits of Push Bars

In addition to making your building safer and more secure, push bars are also affordable. A commercial locksmith can provide a cost-effective installation and product that fits your needs. There are also a variety of sizes and styles of push bars to choose from, so they match your facility’s specific measurements and requirement for vertical or horizontal bar design.

A-1 Locksmith is an authorized dealer for several of the most prominent commercial companies around today. If you’re interested in improving your commercial security via a push bar or other security device, be sure to find an A-1 Locksmith location near you or call (972) 284-7500.

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