Benefits of Working with an Amazon Key for Business Partner

Benefits of Working with an Amazon Key for Business Partner

Posted on May 25, 2021 by A-1

A-1 Locksmith Security & Safes is an official Amazon Key for Business Partner. As such, we are certified to install and service Amazon Key Kits for both residential and commercial properties. But what does it mean, exactly, when a business partners with Amazon Key? 

Let’s cover some of the benefits you enjoy when working with a locksmith who is an Amazon Key for Business Partner.

Benefit #1: Convenience

In case you aren’t aware, Amazon Key is a convenient way to receive packages, especially if you’re a property manager for a multi-tenant building or the coordinator for a gated community. While Amazon Key is a service that allows residents to receive deliveries in the garage, Amazon Key for Business benefits people who have to handle a high volume of packages. Delivery drivers request access via the Amazon delivery app, access the delivery area during a short time window and securely deliver all packages for the location.  

Benefit #2: Cost

The best part about Amazon Key for Business? Installation is free! If you order lots of products from Amazon and are looking for a way to increase efficiency and security for your property or community, why wouldn’t you consider Amazon Key for Business? You’d have to hire another employee or third-party company for a similar service.

Benefit #2: Security

Amazon Key for Business integrates directly with your building or community’s access control system so no one besides the delivery driver has access. The driver’s identity is confirmed via a thorough, multi-step authentication process and is given one-time access to the property for delivery of packages. Furthermore, the driver’s ID, route, location, time of request and other information are monitored and stored for accountability and security. You can also call 1-844-589-6855 to verify a representative is affiliated with Amazon.

Benefit #4: Ease

When it comes down to it, Amazon Key for Business makes your life easier. You can submit a request to join the Amazon Key for Business program and set up a time for a trained technician to install the device and necessary components (which takes one to two hours). Package delivery will be automated and you can get back to more important daily tasks.

If you’d like to learn more about A-1 Locksmith’s partnership with Amazon Key and how it benefits you, contact us today.

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