Cheap Locksmiths - Why You Should Shop Best Value Instead

Cheap Locksmiths: Why You Should Shop Best Value Instead

Posted on September 9, 2021 by A-1

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: just because a locksmith has the lowest price doesn’t make them the best choice. Yes, great locksmiths can be affordable, but if you’re simply looking for “cheap locksmiths,” you might want to rethink your strategy.

Let’s break this concept down further and explain why you should shop best value when it comes to locksmiths.

Cheap vs. Affordable

“Cheap” is a complex word. It definitely insinuates affordability, but has long been associated with products or services that are of poor quality. Just look at the multiple definitions of “cheap,” according to Merriam-Webster

  • “Obtainable at a low price”
  • “Purchasable below the going price”
  • “Of inferior quality or worth”

“Affordable” has much more positive connotations and is often used when describing something that is a good deal, or something for sale below its real value. Here are a couple of the definitions of “affordable,” according to Merriam-Webster:

  • “Having a cost that is not too high”
  • “Able to be afforded”

When it comes to your security and peace of mind, which would you rather have? 

How Cheap Locksmiths Cut Corners

The main element that separates cheap locksmiths from affordable locksmiths is what each prioritizes. Cheap locksmiths focus on the bottom line and delivering the lowest cost to the customer while maintaining a profit. This costs the customer when it comes to quality, however, as you’ll see by some of the ways these cheap locksmiths cut corners:

  • Repairing locks that should really be replaced
  • Using inferior materials or cutting methods for keys
  • Hiring unlicensed or undocumented staff
  • Not joining professional organizations or the BBB
  • Offering bait-and-switch schemes with seemingly lower prices than reality

How Affordable Locksmiths Deliver Value

Affordable locksmiths, on the other hand, prioritize delivering value to the customer and helping them with their security issue. That’s why at A-1 Locksmith, we always encourage customers to visit our stores, ask questions and really look at the products they’re considering and research the services they need. Delivering value is our priority.

Here are some of the ways the best locksmiths deliver affordability combined with value:

  • Partnering with the right suppliers and manufacturers
  • Focusing on customer satisfaction and repeat business
  • Proper licensing, accreditation and training to ensure the job is done right the first time
  • Local and industry expertise that helps each job go faster
  • Free consultations to help you identify your needs before paying anything

Don’t go for cheap locksmiths. Go for value locksmiths. To see how A-1 Locksmith prides itself on valuable, quality and affordable work, stop by any of our area Dallas-Fort Worth locations today.

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