Why Security Camera Systems Are Important for Landlords

Why Security Camera Systems Are Important for Landlords

Posted on August 31, 2021 by A-1

The definition of “landlord” has expanded significantly in recent years. What was once a term reserved for apartment owners or people renting out a guest room now applies to property managers, real estate pros and people who rent out their vacation home on sites like airbnb.

While the term has expanded a bit, the need for security for these individuals hasn’t. If you have other people living in a building you own or manage, it’s important to ensure that you and your residents are protected. Put simply, a good security camera system is a must. Let’s discuss some reasons why this is the case.

You May Manage the Property Remotely

More and more landlords these days manage properties remotely. Thanks to technology and advancements in security camera system technology, it’s easier than ever. A downside of not managing a property in an area where you live, however, is a lack of physical access to the property. So if a window was left unlocked, a garage door was left open or another security issue is unaddressed, there’s no way you would know about it unless a neighbor or friend noticed it, or you had a security camera system installed.

Buildings Look More Vulnerable Without Them

Part of the reason you install a security system is to deter all but the bravest would-be criminals. Many can tell when you’re using a security sticker as a bluff and will look for physical cameras instead. By making your system visible (but not prominent), you can increase the secure look of your buildings.

Unoccupied Spaces Are Inevitable

All landlords deal with unoccupied spaces and lapses in the calendar where there are no residents in the home you’re renting out. When that happens, the home is empty. Without a security system, you won’t be able to keep an eye on the building, let alone be able to tell whether its access points are compromised or what’s going on. (And yes, thieves like to target unoccupied spaces.)

You Give Residents (and Yourself) Peace of Mind

Finally, security cameras can give you and your guests peace of mind knowing vulnerable areas (and the property in general) are being monitored. You don’t want to violate resident privacy, of course, but you can balance security and convenience for everyone involved if you approach security system installation and placement properly.

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