What Is Deadlocking

What Is Deadlocking?

Posted on August 26, 2021 by A-1

Your car is packed with more technology than you might think, even if it’s a base model. One of these little-known technological features found in many automobiles today is known as deadlocking.

Deadlocking keeps criminals out of your car, but can mechanisms related to deadlocking malfunction and leave you in a pickle. Let’s go over what deadlocking is, what causes deadlocking and what you can do about it.

What Is Deadlocking?

Being locked out of your car is no fun, especially when you don’t know why it happened. But that’s what many experience with deadlocking, as it keeps all door mechanisms inoperable and leaves you unable to get in your car, even if you have your car keys in hand. 

Deadlocking is a feature car manufacturers have been adding to vehicles since the 1990s to combat car theft. When enabled, it makes breaking into the car more difficult, but you should be able to still access it with keys, in theory. The only problem is that deadlocking features can malfunction and make it nearly impossible for anyone (who isn’t a locksmith) to open it.

What Causes Deadlocking?

Most of the time, deadlocking malfunctions occur because of a broken lock mechanism. If the door is stuck and the mechanism is broken, you’ll need to call a professional auto locksmith to take care of it. Fixing deadlocking is a highly technical process that will only frustrate you if you try to fix it yourself. The cause may be unique to your situation or be more complex than you thought. The situation needs a pros’ eye.

What Do I Do About Deadlocking?

If you think you’re experiencing deadlocking, you can do a couple things to make sure it isn’t another issue before you call a locksmith. If you were recently in a fender-bender, make sure your doors aren’t dented or damaged (a new door is a possible fix for doors not opening as the result of a collision). Electrical component issues, worn-down keys and faulty locks are other possibilities. Either way, a call to a professional locksmith will help you get back on the road faster than most other options.

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