Door Lock Installations - Best Practices

Door Lock Installations: Best Practices

Posted on October 20, 2022 by A-1

“When all else fails, do it yourself.” We’re not sure who came up with this saying, but it probably didn’t end up well for them. There are certain projects you can do yourself, of course, but there are other instances when it’s best to trust a professional instead. Only you know your limits, but your home’s security is critically important if you have any hesitations. Door locks are in a bit of a gray area. Capable handymen and handywomen should have no problem with a DIY door lock installation or replacement, while others may need some tips and still others shouldn’t even make an attempt. Today’s post is for the middle group of people. Let’s go over some best practices for installing door locks.

Check Hardware and Materials Ahead of Time

The more you prepare ahead of time and reduce your likely number of trips to the hardware store, the faster and smoother the process for your door installation will be. Make sure you have both the tools (e.g. hammer, saw, screwdriver) and materials (e.g. frame, screws, nails, caulk). If you’re installing a specialty door lock, you might want to triple check your supplies before getting started.

Measure, Then Measure Again

That old saying “measure twice, cut once” exists for a reason. It’s literal in this scenario, as we’re talking about measuring things like the frame and door gap properly. You want to ensure everything is level and aligned so the new door lock will fit and operate smoothly. If you don’t measure properly, it might require adjustments and another door lock installation attempt. If you’re actually drilling the holes for the door hardware, this becomes even more important because you can ruin a door in a worst-case scenario.

Make Adjustments As Necessary

Speaking of adjustments, it’s better to do them than risk failure or premature wear in the near future. Yes, installing a door lock (or door lock hardware) again right after you installed it is a pain, but it will cost you less time and money than having to replace it again in a few months.

Turn to A Professional If Needed

If it feels like you’re in over your head, that means you probably are. There is no shame in hiring a professional for something seemingly small like a door lock. Security is one of the most important aspects of your home, so controlling who can access it is important. There’s nothing wrong with a DIY attempt for most things in your home, but when it comes to home security, why not trust a professional locksmith instead? If you have any other door or security-related questions, contact the team at A-1 Locksmith today and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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