5 Spooky Home Security Situations To Avoid

5 Spooky Home Security Situations To Avoid

Posted on October 26, 2022 by A-1

This time of year, many people are worried about children covered in sheets making ghost sounds or jump scares in movies. However, many homeowners are spooked by the thought of legitimately scary home security situations like burglaries, vandalism and worse.

Fortunately, knowledge is one of the best forms of prevention. Let’s go over five spooky home security situations to avoid this season, as well as precautions you can take.

  1. Dark Shadows

It’s not a good idea to have lots of dark, hiding spots around your home in general, but it can be especially important during nights of high activity like Halloween. Many criminals use these events as ways to blend in and dark areas or shadows give them more opportunities to stay hidden. Plus, well-lit areas ensure trick-or-treaters and other visitors can see and stay safe.

  1. Scary Pets Monsters

July 4 may be the scariest day of the year for pets, but Halloween could be a contender. If a pet gets loose, it could be a safety or security hazard, so make sure they’re confined to a room away from the front of the home (or wherever people are entering and exiting). 

  1. Hidden Obstacles

Similar to the above point about lighting, you don’t want yourself, your friends/family or any trick-or-treating children to trip or run into something they don’t see. Give your driveway and walking paths a thorough sweeping and move anything below the knees that could cause someone to trip or otherwise create a home security issue.

  1. Dangerous Decorations

Similarly, make sure the Halloween decorations themselves aren’t a safety risk. If you have an animated figurine right by steps or a large curb, for example, it could have consequential results if someone reacts to the figuring in a way you don’t anticipate. Especially think twice about the decorations you display around windows and vulnerable areas.

  1. Tempting Valuables

Finally, make sure any “treats” you don’t want others to have are out of sight. It’s much easier (and more tempting) to take something out in the open, or visible just beyond a window, than it is to find or take something hidden. Just as you wouldn’t leave valuables in the car at the mall, don’t leave them out in the open at your home on a busy night. Also consider that on this night of the year, many strangers will have visibility into your entryway if you’re handing out candy. The most secure valuable is one no one knows about. If something of value is stored near the entryway, consider hiding it deeper in your home for the night (or for good).


Halloween doesn’t have to be spooky, when it comes to home security at least. If you’re interested in more home security advice, give us a call or stop by any of our Dallas-Fort Worth locations today.


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