How To Improve the Security of Your Apartment or Condo

How To Improve the Security of Your Apartment or Condo

Posted on August 3, 2023 by A-1

Life is a little different for multi-residential tenants than it is for single-family home dwellers. For example, you hear your neighbors more often, there are usually more stairs involved and groceries are a bigger pain to bring home. Landscaping is most often a non-factor and you can often live in more centralized locations, on the plus side.

Multi-residential tenants have to think about security a little differently than those who rent or own a house. If you live in an apartment or condo, here are some security tips to give you peace of mind.

Apartment Security Tips

Apartments come with more restrictions than condos, as you are typically renting instead of owning your residence. So you will likely have to check with your landlord about what you can and can’t do. (They are also a good resource, by the way, if you have safety concerns). Here are some general tips on how to improve security in your apartment:

    • Install a doorbell camera: If you’re able, install a doorbell camera outside your door. Some apartments don’t have peepholes and you can’t install one yourself, but a doorbell camera lets you view who is visiting your door.
    • Meet your neighbors: The sooner you can get to know your neighbors, the better. For one, you won’t mistake them for a criminal; and two, they can keep an eye out on your apartment if you’re away.
    • Don’t advertise your absence: Don’t post about any trips on social media or tell anyone except your most trusted friends and family about vacations. 
    • Keep valuables out of sight: Avoid giving burglars an excuse to break into your apartment. Keep valuable items and belongings away from windows and doors.
  • Common sense: don’t leave a key under your doormat and if you have pin-code access… use a secure passcode. 

Condo Security Tips

You have a little more freedom when it comes to condo security, as you likely own it. (Though there still may be restrictions by the building owner.) Here are some general tips on how to improve the security of your condo:

    • Install a peephole: Or a video doorbell camera, as mentioned in the section above. It’s always safer to confirm visitors’ identities before letting them in your home.
    • Use timers for lights and electronics: Whether interior or exterior, put lights and TVs on timers so it gives the appearance of someone being there at all times.
    • Install new locks: If you haven’t changed locks yet, do it now. You don’t know who may have had access to your condo (or its keys) previously.
    • Don’t let strangers in the community: If you live in a gated community, don’t let anyone in who you don’t know. Many criminals pretend they live in an area to gain access to buildings.
    • Install a security system: While your building may have security cameras, you can’t expect the same for inside your condo. Especially if it’s a larger condo, put up cameras in your most vulnerable areas.
  • Upgrade door hardware: While there’s quite a bit of spillover between security options for owners and renters (apartments and condos), being able to upgrade door hardware is a benefit specific to owners. Consider easy upgrades such as a new deadbolt or more high-touch, more-secure, upgrades like replacing your door entirely. 

Whether you’d like to improve the security of your apartment or condo, A-1 Locksmith is here for you. Stop by any of our DFW-area locations today, or give us a call.

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