Fort Worth Gun Safety - What Residents Need To Know

Fort Worth Gun Safety: What Residents Need To Know

Posted on November 1, 2022 by A-1

Whether you’re new to Fort Worth or a longtime Cowtown resident, it’s always good to go over best practices for safety precautions for firearms. As a locksmith and security company, we’ve seen a thing or two over the years for both what to do (as well as what not to do) when it comes to firearm safety. Here are a few general tips and best practices to consider for responsible gun owners:

Stay Updated

First off, knowledge isn’t just power when it comes to the world of firearms. It’s safe as well. The good news is that there are a variety of resources out there to ensure you have the gun safety knowledge you need for Fort Worth and beyond. The National Rifle Association (NRA), for example, provides firearm training and you can find a variety of articles, videos and other resources to expand your firearm knowledge.

Train Regularly

Whether you have (or are interested in) a handgun, shotgun or other type of firearm or weapon, you should train with it regularly so you know how to use it if a situation ever arises. There are a variety of firearm training classes in Texas, so you have plenty of options.

Invest In A Good Safe

There’s a safety campaign called “Keep ‘Em Safe Texas,” which prioritizes safe gun storage—specifically, keeping firearms out of the hands of kids. Preventing accidents is just as important as keeping guns out of criminal hands, which is why a good gun safe is more important than ever. Consult with a professional locksmith to identify the best safe to meet your needs, as features and quality vary by brand and model. 

Get the Right Accessories

Texas is humid. As such, a safe dehumidifier might be a smart investment for Fort Worth gun owners seeking to keep firearms and ammunition in good working order. You don’t want rust, dirt or debris compromising the integrity of your gun and putting those who handle it at risk, so look into all the safe and firearm accessories available to you and shop accordingly.

Consult with a Professional

At the end of the day, the best way to increase your knowledge is to speak with an expert. Gun safety is no different and there are resources available in government, the military, law enforcement and emergency response. But a locksmith and/or safe technician can be another valuable resource for safety, particularly in the area of safe gun storage. Be sure to speak with someone who knows more than you and you’ll be doing your part for gun safety in Fort Worth.

If you’d like more security advice related to firearms or any other area of your home, stop by one of our A-1 Locksmith locations in Fort Worth today. 

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