Mail-In Security Kits vs. Professional Locksmith Installation

Mail-In Security Kits vs. Professional Locksmith Installation

Posted on December 2, 2020 by A-1

SimpliSafe. Ring. Nest. Consumers these days can easily buy a security kit online, have it shipped to their house and set it up themselves. But are these DIY options really worth it? Should you trust your home security to a product you can buy online? Let’s compare these mail-in security kits with the services and products you’ll get from a professional locksmith.

Comparison #1: Cost

There are several costs to consider when comparing these options. First is the initial cost of the hardware. Whether you choose a mail-in security kit or pay for your security solutions from a locksmith, there is going to be an initial cost for the hardware/equipment (which can start out at $70 for a single doorbell camera and go up dramatically from there, depending on how many cameras you purchase). Second, there will be recurring fees for monitoring and cloud storage, which either show up monthly or annually. Finally, there is a cost for installation. Overall, mail-in kits tend to be slightly more affordable than professional security systems, but you have more options with the latter to build a system that fits your budget.

Comparison #2: Convenience

How easy is it to buy a mail-in security kit versus a professional locksmith installation? For the former, you can easily purchase online, but you have to do your research and trust reviews from other customers. With a professional locksmith, it’s also an easy purchase process, but you might have to visit the store or pick up the phone—a perk of this option being that you can talk directly to an experienced security professional who will give you customized advice.

Comparison #3: Installation

Installing mail-in security kits can be more involved and difficult than you might assume, as you might be dealing with drilling into brick or precarious locations like the bottom eaves of your roof. For either the mail-in kit or professional locksmith, you have the option of paying for professional installation. But many people choose to go the DIY route and experience frustration and a waste of time as a result or even improper installation. If you’ve already bought your kit, you can also consider hiring a professional locksmith for installation services only.

Comparison #4: Monitoring

Both mail-in security kits and professional locksmith security systems offer professional monitoring—though with the former, pricing and services vary wildly. For example, Ring and Nest start out with 60 days of cloud storage for $3 per month, but the cost escalates once you get additional cameras or want more storage. These are also often just security footage storage options and not traditional “monitoring” services. You also have the option for self monitoring. A professional locksmith will offer security system monitoring via a partnership with a security company so you can rest assured that someone will always be monitoring your home.

If you’re interested in extra security for your home, consider hiring a professional locksmith to set you up. Call A-1 Locksmith today for a consultation.

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